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also, this. hi, I’m elle. i belong on livejournal.

detroit rock city........dressy (13k image)So totaly could have possibly been the most busy day in the history of Mat with a normally crammed packed work day. I almost went postal. I had meetings with various people from various stations in the Washington/Baltimore Trading Area. It was the first time THEY came to ME! I did print ads for my new station. (Is that even part of my job?!) I worked on newsletters for my new station. I taught a PD how to use FTP and how to work within the PHP dealio. Then I finally got to take a break and head to the music meeting (and we did listen to a WILCO song, and i totally thought of ELLE). Then I worked on stealing stuff from, and boy have they got pretty good at keeping their stuff secure! Somewhere in the I ducked away with Lara to eat some Subway. Damn, i love subway and their cucumbers. I went to the Music Auditorium testing after work with the program director and music director. That was mad fun and made up for everything today. I got to be behind the closed doors and see what the listeners really thought. They’d ask about every damn song we play. What the liked about the station and what they didnt like. Did they like the flow? Did they like the classic rock we play? Did they think there were too many commercials. They would play stuff from the Top40 station and the listeners would have to identify it. We ordered room service somewhere in there. Yum! I love room service, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It’s just better when they bring it directly to you. At the end we were all introduced. I even recognized a P1 in the audience. Go figure. God i am a dork who loves numbers and statistics. I failed trig though. Fuck Montgomery County Public Schools. And we’re supposed to be the best in the country! Or was that Bullis?

Henry Rollins has a very large neck, indeed. It’s very large, around in circumference. And where is Bryan Adams’ dog?

work, man, it sucks my will to live

she's a darling, an absolute darling Listening to: Ike Reilly, The Samples, Beastie Boys, Promise Ring, Tim Buckley, and bad Ronald. Kidding about that last one.

Hei-diddly-ho there, Steverinos. I’m sorry I have been so absent lately from O-M. I jest can’t hep’ it. In between reading Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, eating too much junk food, avoiding J. Lo’s bubblehead, and dreaming up ways to make Joan Rivers eat a big steaming pile of dookie, my head has been much to cluttered to post anything of merit.

See? Still is.

Social Life: all I did this past weekend was eat out. Some Vietnamese food was involved, some Italian food was involved, some Brie cheese and beer was involved. All in all, a tremendous showing by Elle’s stomach. A round of applause for the old bloated girl. Two thumbs WAY UP! I also watched the Grammys (yawn factory) and went out with K’s Connecticut Yalie Friends. They are going to save the earth, and I was wearing leather and Nikes and downing Harps AQAP (As Quickly As Possible!) YAY, I’m an asshole!

Work: Kicking my ass, also, the heater is turned up so high I feel like I’m going through “the change.” I look like I am in a constant state of either embarrassment or arousal with this blushing visage. Also, I�fm ready to draw blood for a Snickers right about now. I’m like Elaine from Seinfeld, that mid-afternoon sugar high is vital to my state of well-being.

Love: Single, check. Content, check. Ahhhh, romance. Amore, amante, amour, liebe. Confusing. But all is well. For now. Except I keep getting ditched on weekends so Someone can go play basketball. But I’m not bitter.

Conscience: Decidedly ruined years ago, I have a certain “moral flexibility” Anyways, I’m babysitting all the goddamn time, so I figure that will keep me out of hell. Buy me a little time in purgatory at least, if not the Big Strip Club In The Sky (I have a friend who once read a book on what children’s idea’s of heaven were, he promptly decided that strip clubs were his idea of heaven, with comp’d drinks, but of course.)

World View: Another JMU person got killed. I am fearing for my life, everyone who attends/attended my alma mater ends up one of two things: dead or in jail for the killing. You think I’m kidding? The stats are staggering. You never hear about shit like this going down in inner-city schools.

Travel: Texas, then NY, then Kalifornia. K. and I are also wavering on the whole Las Vegas thing. If we’re in the mood for total debauchery, it might happen. We shall see. We shall overcome.

Celebrities: Uma’s boobs, and Nicole Kidman looked nekkid.

Local News: ran into old high school friend at Macaroni Grill. She’s writing children’s books (?), unemployed, another friend of our is pregnant with child NUMBER FOUR. Good times!

Also, Joan Rivers. Dookie. Such a distinct possibility. No wonder one of her husbands offed himself. My god, the pain.

If anyone knows where I can get the lyrics to “Hip Hop Thighs #17,” please clue me in. They are nowhere to be found on this thing the kids are calling “Internet.”

maeve is all confused, she thinks aunt laura is pregnant

someday i'll be as cool as you...or you wont--- mat circa 1994, his senior year yearbook (11k image)I love it when it locks up right before I am about to hit submit. FUCK!

To recap:

Friday: I cant even remember what i did. Oh wait. What the fuck?! I hung out with co-workers. We went to Strike Bowling in Bethesda for Laura and her last day at work. It was mad fun. Laura is a fun girl. And there was this really big tittied waitresses there. Her boobs were going to explode. It was sick! You could kill someone with those boobs.
Saturday: Nothing during the day that comes to mind off hand. Met up with Tolya who is Emily’s best friend since she was 16. I would have been all about her if i knew her in high school (see pic). I really like Emily’s closer and longer-known (childhood) friends much more so than her more recent friends. Maybe because it’s more about love than friendship. Or maybe cos her newer friends smell. I dont know! We went to the One World Cafe. I got the Vegan Burger. She brought it with cheese. And it’s a “vegetarian” place. Fucking idiot waitress. And they gave her a 15% tip. What the fuck?! But you cant argue with two ex-waitresses about that shit. Dont get me wrong. I like to tip well…and overtip well too. But i dont give pitty tips. There is no reason. Just my opinion. After that we went to the New Haven Lounge to check out good jazz. Turned out to be a funk band which wasnt a bad thing. The drummer was not funky however. He was a rock drummer who really liked to play 32nd note triplet rolls. I think the toms that were tuned low gave the rock thing away. The flugelhorn was a nice touch though. After that and after Tolya got hit on by some drunk man we went out separate ways. And on a side note, the only reason she didnt tell the dude to fuck off was because he was black. We live in a twisted world. Just thank goodness we didnt end up going to a dance club.
Sunday: Emily did packing. I did surfing on the net. We made soup. There was a rutabaga in it somewhere. I peeled the meat off the turkey. I thought i was gonna puke. I tried a roasted beet. It was better than the crab meat i had the week before. We exchanged rings. It was cute.
Today: I got yet another site to work on. Fucking ay. Give me more. I want it all. Ugh.
Tomorrow: Music Research Meeting with the PD and MD. I am so lucky i got asked to go.
Wednesday: Music Research Meeting recap.
Thursday: Sedar with the family friends and Emily for Passover. Her first Sedar, i think. She’ll still have to sit at the goy table. She really doesnt believe me.
Friday: Prolly last minute packing with Emily then my family asked Emily to dinner
Saturday: The big Emily move to Takoma Park
Sunday: Easter lunch with Emily’s family which will be fun and then Prince. It still hasnt hit me.

Mental notes:
-stay off this machine more
-read the pile of books next to bed
-get my mind off the bong
-call Mark, work out 6 month old kinks in contract
-fix message board
-clean clean clean
-move drums to basement
-stop missing emily so much
-use more complete sentances
-listen to more richard hell and the new york no-wave scene