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emufella:: how fucking dumb is that?

boston - take me with you (12k image)Yeah ELLE is back in black. And she had FAT TIRE! Yes! She is feeling the hippie powers.

And Thursday is free ice cream day at Baskin and Robbins. Go Go Go!

Today LeeAnn (the Music Director) asked me if i wanted to be on the guestlist for Cornershop. They are coming to the 930 Club. I actually couldnt make it and LeeAnn wrote back, “ok – since you and I are the only ones here that go to shows I just thought I’d check.” And it’s so sad but true, that out of the 30 people that work for DC101 (maybe 10 in programming), LeeAnn and myself are the only ones who regularly go to shows. Very odd for a rock radio station, in my opinion. Maybe all our DJs are just divas. Or something. I think half the reason i took the gig was to get all the concert connections. Duh!

And in other news, i think only people who know me well should get the right to read my site. Cos some people just dont get it. Somethings i have yet to understand about people, but it keeps happening to me. I dont get it. Honestly i couldn’t care less, cos my good friends dont use this shit against me and realize it’s just a website. I’d password protect the site, but i wouldnt give anyone the satisfaction. It’s so ludicrous it’s almost a waste of time, so i wont even bother typing anymore about it.

emufella: well, you’re perfect. so all the time you could spend looking at yourself, you spend looking at other people. i just have to figure out how many strikes you’ve had and post them 😉

Martha Stewart Accused of Drive By Doilying

LPGA trophy ceremony; I�m a very bad feminist Don�t Mess With

Things one always re-learns in Texas:

1. Guns
2. Guacamoles
3. Beers
4. Mens
5. Crepe paper can be used for anything, including festive headgear.

That�s just how the world should work.

The reason my posting has been NUNYA lately is because I was in charge of a trade show in San Antonio, which happened last week. It was a lot of hard tail-busting. A lot of military men my fathers age who like to hear themselves talk. A �learning experience.� After almost six months of late nights and no lunch hours, though, it was satisfying to see it all come together. And, now, I have accumulated something like 7,000 hours of comp time.

It is highly advantageous to keep your ears open and your mouth shut when you work in the corporate world. You can stockpile all sorts of ammunition that way.

I also had exactly one hour to shop before catching my plane home last Friday, where I turned into a fiery tornado of a woman and rescued much large and lethal Texas turquoise from their jewelry displays. Also, Big Red Soda. AND MAT! Guess what I had in your honor? Some Fat Tire.

And some margaritas. Just some.

And a kick-ass recipe for guacamole, and a young Air Force lieutenant for a friend. �You know, you don�t go to work and you�re a slacker. I don�t go to work and I go to JAIL. So, I�m thinking about running off to Hawaii tomorrow, want to come?�

Who knew the Air Force secretly harbored hippies?


I bought the �About a Boy� soundtrack, controlled mostly by one Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy. Not too bad. Of course, being a soundtrack, there is some transition pieces that kind of cut the flow of the CD. It�s a bunch of happy little piueces of music strung together though, and Sig and I listened to it on Sunday, a day to do nothing and drive around, a day to go to the Air and Space museum to watch IMAX, a day to go to the National Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and sneeze up a small windstorm. I wish all my Sundays were just like this one.

Also, we found a building in Rosslyn that has a wall that is covered in some weird shimmery water tubes. I�ve driven through there a ton of times before, and never seen this side of this building with it�s shimmery wall. It was just like the Matrix. Sig took one look at it and said �Look! It�s the Future.�

Where was I? Oh. So Sunday was the perfect day to listen to Badly Drawn Boy.

Animal Kingdom

Maybe it�s the way the sun is shining at this time of year, the angle of the Earth or whatever, but oh my. The poor birds. Lately bird after bird has flown into my plate glass window at work, and then fallen to the ground, stunned.

If this were a cartoon, they�d be laying on the ground with X�s for eyes, and halos of little people would be dancing �round their little birdy heads.

vastataan lainaukseen ei tosin kannata

jessie belle (8k image)Today around 1.30pm, Lara and myself decided it was way overdue time to eat lunch. I think we were talking about going to Chick Filet. So we got up the stamina to leave our office and we by default asked Brian if he wanted anything. Of course he said “No Thanks.” But we pestered him a little bit and finally got him to succumb to the chicken! It’s not that he doesnt eat, he just doesnt eat lunch often. Like me with breakfast. I think it’s more the time of eating rather than the actual food. Except fish. Most of that shit, just makes me wanna vomit. Regardless, it was exciting. It meant we were gonna bring back our food and all eat together. Something we rarely share with Brian. So on the way there we talked about euro-pop and the whole ABBA and Pet Shop Boys phenomenon. I guess that is a poor choice of words, but most people just dont understand how much of an unfluence ABBA had on pop music.

So on the way to Montgomery Mall, there was a speed trap. There was some cop dude on a bike pulling people over in the other direction. He had some Trans Am driving (yes, i was envious), mullet wearing dude pulled over. I was just thinking, “BIG SUCKER!” Then on the way back, of course still talking about ABBA, i was driving back minding my own business. OH shit. The cope dude. So i slowed down a little. But it wasnt enough. Those radar guns go fucking far. As much as a Catholic Preist to a little boy’s wang. So yeah, I got a ticket. 47 in a 30mph zone. I was so apathetic it hurt. I was just thinking, “Fucking cuff me, what do i care.” – He didnt even ask for my registration. I am sure since it was close the end of the month he was just handing out the tickets. So like Becca’s father explained to me. Now i will run red lights and stop signs to earn the money back. $5 for a stop sign and $10 for a stop light. Fucking ay. I guess it serves me right, for being so goddam self absorbed?! I am still woking on getting that earth to move around my lightbulb in my bedroom.

Who is your favorite Van Patten?
45.4% :: Vincent (Rock and Roll High School Director)
31.8% :: George (hydroponics guru)
13.6% :: Peter (of Musculoskeletal Care fame)
9% :: Denise (the doll girl)