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I saw Vanilla Sky with Emily last nite. The highlight was definately Tom Cruise looking mangled and the use of Rez (by Underworld) in a club scene. Cameron is a genius with the use of rock music in film. He needs to work on this film though. Or maybe i just need to see it again. I am still left with a feeling of dry heaves though.

I scanned last nite, as well::

2 Skinnee J’s

Pete Yorn

Puddle Of Mudd


Soul Asylum


when i was young.i was in fifth grade when i encountered my first girlfriend. i remember watching her everyday. seeing all of the little odd things she did….how she walked….how she read. and i felt, for the first time, different about her than any other girl i had met before. we would share glances and smiles….and then one day it happened. i was standing in the lunch line….she and two of her friends were a couple of people ahead of me. they would look back at me….giggle….and then turn back around. i got paranoid….i think i checked my fly. then one of them started walking towards me. what do i do? i tried to act natural….which always works for a gawky fifth grader waiting to eat sloppy joes. the friend handed me a pink note and said, “smell it first.” so i did. perfume….oh my god, this is what women smell like. so i read the note….there were little hearts on it….and it was something about me being cute. i should’ve known right then that the relationship was doomed. anyway, she gave me her phone number. later that night….and after about two hours of picking up the phone and then setting it back down….i called her. i think we said “hi” about seven to twenty times before we talked about social studies and tether ball. what else do fifth graders have to discuss on the phone? so we hung up, and then the next day she was my girlfriend. we would hold hands in the hallway. she giggled a lot, and i tried to seem manly. i only kissed her once. later that year, i moved and had to say goodbye.

i still remember her name….and i still remember what she looked like….i still remember how i felt when i read that note….and i still remember holding her hand….but most importantly, i remember that smell. sometimes i wish it was that simple again.

you don’t have to be a star to get a cheese sandwich

Friday after work we hit the road to Ohio. 270 and 70 sucked my ass. Traffic sucked, but we played animal, vegetable or mineral. And i stumped Emily 3 times in a row. Bay leaf, the pin to pump up a basketball, and something else i forget now.

This is what i looked like after 2 hours sitting in traffic.

Fright nite we got to the cottage on the lake around 11.30pm. Then we crashed on the most uncomfortable pull out ever.

On Saturday all of Emily’s Dad’s side of the family came over and we ate lots of food and me and Emily took the speed boat out and it broke. We got toe’d back to the shore by some locals. I think they were laughing at us the whole way back. I’d be laughing at us too if i was them.

Sunday me and Emily went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It was great. I saw the drums John Bonham played on for Led Zeppelin II. I saw the lyrics for John Lennon’s Tomorrow Never Knows. I saw Jimi Hendrix’s victrola. I even saw Tiffany’s mini skirt. It was great. I wanna go back and look at all the other stuff we missed.

Then we walked around downtown at the cool buildings and cool draw bridges.

After Cleveland we came back to the Cottage and took the boat out for a bit and had dinner.

Emily did something that made me laugh. Then we drove home. We made good time.

On monday night after we got home Emily cut my hair. Yeah!