Monthly Archive for June, 2002

the computer is working ok now. i rebooted.

feetnik_tone in new orleans (10k image)It’s a little strange after playing maracas for 2.5 hours and the black & blue-ness starts to really hurt on my thighs (i played the maracas on my thighs last night) when your semi-roomate comes down and asks you to buy him and his friends beer. I was recording in my studio last nite and Andreas came down asking if i could buy his friends beer. I said “um…maybe next time when it’s just you and your girlie.” I think that was ok. I just didnt wanna drop everything i was doing and didnt want him to get in the goove of me buying beer for him all the time. I feel so fatherly. So Homer of me. Or not.

So last night was productive. I got to start finishing up a track i had been working on when i last took a jab at finishing MONSIII. Playing percussion for more than 20 minutes at a time can really mess with your head. Super twilight zone action going on. So i think the track will replace track 2, adhara. I also want to ad some more percussion a la Daniel. And perhaps some vocoder with the Emily.

My vacation starts at 5.30pm tonight. Party on wayne. Not sure what’s happening tonight. Tomorrow we’re going shopping for Lara’s Birthday gift. Seeing Emily’s mother at the hospital. And Saturday night is Lara’s bday party at Marakesh. Somewhere in there I need to go to the car dealership to get my plates. And I also need to do more cleaning at the rent’s house as well as pick up Emily’s pants that my mother fixed for her. Then i forget what is going on on Sunday. Who cares?! I am on vacation. So it really doesnt matter. I do know i wont be thinking about getting up for work the next day.

And Mat is now the proud owner of an APHEX Aural Exciter. Yes!

And i must quote Elizabeth from her latest journal entry.

Summer has finally settled on Boston, and I�m in love with the city again. How could I not be totally infatuated with a city where I can walk everywhere? Now that my days are numbered, every train ride and bus commute seems special again, and I�m taking as much note as I can of everything � I�m trying to store up all the little details for future reference. The ripples in the brick sidewalks near Harvard Square. The bums who smoke pot on Commonwealth Avenue in front of the Russian grocer�s. The young girls who sit in deep discussion on the porch of a frat house. The streets are wider in Brookline than elsewhere.

The streets are wider in Brookline than elsewhere. I think that sums up Boston for me in the fewest amount of words possible. How concise! How perfect. I miss Boston.

boris the whiskey man

john e (14k image)

R.I.P. John Entwistle

zander:: see? a boner’ll cure what ails ya.

Skylab is done!