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a digest compendium of the blossom world.

my life as a hat. (12k image)i remember the day i came home and turned on the tv. i was flippantly flipping through channels….bland show after bland show….and then it appeared….like a bush atop mount sinai. blossom. i sat there physically and emotionally paralyzed. what is this wonderous program? how have i lived without it? why does she own so many hats? and most importantly…..are she and six getting it on? i knew from the moment i laid eyes on the russos that i would never be the same.

blossom is the easiest to love. she is the main title….the protagonist….and the foxiest of all. however, if studied closely….the viewer would find that each part of blossom is actually a different character on the program. nick russo….the hip yet stern father whose musical hands confidently conduct the russo household into a danceable dash of humanity every episode. he is the responsible caretaker….he is the single father….he is the ex hippie….he is….he is the embodiment of every single steely dan song you’ve ever heard. then you have anthony russo….the rehabilitated drug addict slash alcoholic turned emergency medical technician. he is able to resuscitate every russo issue into a 12 step formula for success. and of course….joey russo….dumb as a bag of rocks….but check out that killer ass. he is the poster boy for bloomingdale’s take on grunge. he is also the desert rose of the family….an unexpected beauty growing within such a barren….uh….mind. joey, you had me at woah. and finally….six….the eccentric best friend and herald who plays both celestial deity and devilish imp upon the shoulders of our lovely heroine. all of these characters are chasms of blossom russo’s underlying persona. without one of them….it all comes crumbling down. they are all aces in the russo house of cards.

in summation….i believe that, much like dmx, we are all blossom russo. if you were to look around you and dissect every character in your life….you would see part of them in you. granted, they may not be as mantastically delicious as vinny….but remember….it’s what’s on the inside that counts. i believe the russos are, in essence, america. part patriot….part revolutionary….part brady….part exploitation….part sex kitten….part you….and certainly, part me. thank you for your time. good night.

bandanaHann:: i will come and look

eno_ozzy (10k image)So the day has come. And it’s a happy day. I had to stop up the traveling tubes in the new froggy tank, but in a good way. Enter Eno. Eno is my new frog. He’s a baby frog. And contrary to popular belief, Ozzy is not a man. Ozzy is in fact a woman. She’ll still be called Ozzy though. Cos she’s kinda androgenous. Or maybe she’s a transvestite. Cos she’s one cool froggy. So yeah, i had to close up the tunnels for my little froggies so Ozzy wont eat Eno. And Eno will be able to fend for himself. Once Eno is large enough i will open the flood gates. That will be the day. Big party day. Then Ozzy wont be bored all day and stare at Brian like Mulligan stares at white walls.

Last night I met Laura’s Mother. She was nice and motherly and what not. It’s funny how mothers are getting older as I get older. Mother’s among my friends are pushing 60. It’s kinda weird. So i made dinner for everyone. I made the chicken recipe i learned from Emily. Or rather i pry-ed from her. I hate that “-ied” thing with our silly english language. I have also become atticted to Roger Lodge and Blind Date. I cant stop it. I need to watch it. Ok, i am not in trouble like i was with Melrose Place. Nothing can and ever will compare. It’s just weird actually wanting to watch TV. But only makes sense as i have very little energy these days. I did get to return Daniel’s phone call last nite so we chatted a bit on the phone. It’s nice to have people to talk about common interests. Why oh why is it so hard to find people who arent idiots?!

Tomorrow is the Limo Scavenger Hunt with DC101. We’ll have 80 limos all throughout DC looking for all the items on the list. Pictures to come! And this weekend is Emily’s cousin’s wedding. Woo! Pictures of that to come as well…

I am famous. [more…]

metro man…it’s the wave of the future

mom from sunday’s gardening day

dad – same bat time

awapy in the 626 on our way to be 45 mins late to the dc101 kickball game at the washington monument

mat contemplating his pseudo-double chin and why we didn’t take metro

skylar little from the washington freedom from this morning
“Everybody has their little peculiarities, as evidenced by the fact that some people actually like to listen to the radio!” -Lester Bangs, Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung