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party till you puke

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Andrew WK with Mat. My new best friend.

see you later, alligator

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bjork and ja rule in the world series of love

jarule (16k image)What’s up in the world of Mat? Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Mat. Mat. Mat. Mat. Mat. Mat. Mat. Mat. Mat. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Last night i picked Emily up at the Metro and we went straight for Mark’s Kitchen in Takoma Park. It was yummy. Then we headed to REI for another credit card drain. We got a stove, some more silverware, some wool socks, some fleecey jackets that Emily LOVED modeling. Some freezedried chicken and noodles. And various other sundries. Then i came home and read a lot. I was supposed to do bills with Laura but she wasnt home.

Today was the day to take care of my passport for Iceland in October. I spent nearly 30 mins trying to find a Post Office or Government Building that had normal business hours. Since when does the government suck my asshole? Their hours are ass-backwards. Since today, especially. I finally found one in Bethesda, near Money Mall. So i went there. There was this cute girl with a slight ‘hood’ accent. She smiled and laughed a lot. Almost ditsy. She was excessively nice about answering all my questions. But it turned out that my Birth Certificate that i just got last week needed to be sent to the Passport fucks. And i was going need the birth certificate when i go to Montreal this weekend. So i was screwed. But she said i could copy it and get it notorized and i would be set both ways. So i jetted there and went to my bank who notorizes. They didnt have someone there. So i went to another one. Same deal. I finally found one that had someone, but they wouldnt do it as the notory public bitch wouldnt do it as the person who signed my birth certificate wasnt present. Of course he wasnt. Who the fuck do you think i am?! I talked to my friend at work who is also a notory and she said that was the policy. So i guess she was just doing her job. But fuck her anyways. She was ugly too.

So all in all i didnt get my passport application in the system today. I’ll have to wait until i get back from my road trip and get it expedited for another 60 bucks. I am so poor now too, i wont be able to get my new i-mac until at least the fall especially with going to Iceland. I am just pissed i wasted over 3 hours of my day and barely had lunch and will have to make that all up tomorrow which is going to hectic anyways as i’ll be out for 10 days. Blah…and it’s raining and I wanna see Emily but the weather is awful. I guess i will just lay on the lay-z-boy all night. That will be nice.

Tomorrow night is Elliot’s end of summer party. Andrew WK is playing it, so that will be exicting to shoot. I think i need to pack tonight as i will have no time tomorrow/night. And i started a list of why i deserve a raise that i am giving to my boss the day i get back from my road trip. The list is over a page. It include stuff that isnt even on my job description. I am pretty much on the last leg of this job. I do too much stuff above and beyond my job description and am not getting the compensation i deserve. I will give my boss one more chance. Then it’s time to give the famous two weeks. It sucks, cos i do like my job working for DC101 and all the perks are primo, but that only goes *so* far especially with all the other work i do. So who knows what is in store. I really hope Buddy and Colin put in a good word to Mark and/or Bennett.

fuck bjork and her goddam swan tutu.

I, in all sincerity, can’t wait for my trip to Montreal and for the Thrill Jockey show in NYC.