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the insanity of feeble humans amazes me

thanks mr crucifux  -  jesustwat (12k image)From�:� “L-Soft list server at America Online, Inc. (1.8e)” Subject�:� Command confirmation request cancelled
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People who try and fuck with me amaze me. Luckily it only wasted 5 minutes of my day and at least I have a job that was paying during the day when I happened to clean out my email trash can. So in the end, some one tried to fuck with me and they basically paid me in doing so, in turn. Fault or not, thanks! And I wish i could return the favor.

Yeah, I only have 3 more hours of work until my long awaited vacation. And my parents are in NYC for the night only to go to Boston the next day to pack up a lot of my Grandfather’s stuff to ship down here. He has some pretty dope couches and chairs from the 50s that will rock me and Emily’s new house. So other than that, we’re wrapping CHRISTmas gifts tonight and then I am going home to help Laura fix her computer that got that nasty virus. And what’s up with the traffic. I got to her place in Takoma Park in less than 30 minutes from Rockville. Usually it takes over 60 mins from work. So this was great. It must have been because of the goys taking off to get ready to sing happy birthday to good ol’ jc. Those jesus lovers have one benefit to this world that happens leading right up to christmas and on christmas. The one thing they provide are driver free roads for us non-lemmings of this world. And Chinese food I will have.

yup, it’s an opiate for the masses

P.S. And yeah, Emily rocks my world.

:: favorite judge?
39.2% :: wopner
32.1% :: reinhold
17.8% :: judy
07.1% :: mathis
03.5% :: jeffrey

machines should work – people should think

BabySono (13k image)So I admit it. I am obsessed with a man. His name is Raymond Scott. He built electronic instruments in the 40s thru 70s. His “sequencer” even predated Bob Moog’s by over 20 years. Granted they did work together on a lot of stuff, but still, Raymond sure is the man. This dude wrote jingles with his electronic contraptions for such companies as: Baltimore Gas and Electric, Gillette, Sprite, IBM, Vicks, Auto-Lite, Nescafe, Bufferin, GM, & Hostess. He revolutionized advertising music. But that was just a fraction of it. He also worked closely with Jim Henson when Jim lived in NYC helping him with various soundtracks and scores. And check out some crazy song titles of his: “Dont Beat Your Wife Every Night!” “The Bass Line Generator” “Melonball Bounce” “Wheels that Go” “Lady Gaylord” “Bandito the Bongo Artist” “The Rhythm Generator” “IBM Probe” “Futurama”. And to top it off Raymond even covered Cole Porter’s “night and day”. So simply put this man is just amazing. He was 20 years ahead of his time. He (like it or not) helped Robert Moog develop all his synthesizers and even helped Moog coin the phrase “sequencer” – In the scheme of things this man may seem incidental to the world of music. But if you think about it, without this man you’d never have Warner Bros. cartoons, that crazy techno music all the kids listen to, Jay Z, Kraftwerk, pretty much all the homogenized hip hop on the radio and anything and everything that you plug in to make music. So anyways, do yourself a favor and go get a Raymond Scott CD and feel the amazingness you dont have in your life.

So anyways…on Saturday I had a date with my musical life partner. I went over to Daniel’s house after me and Emily had brunch with the ‘rents. Actually on the way to drop off Emily I called back Jessie H. She’s back in town for a few weeks. So hopefully this week I’ll be able to chill her with one day. So I originally went Daniel’s to listen to Silver Sessions’ rehearsals with him to pick the best of the songs to start seriously working on for live shows. We got a little ADD and headed out for Bill’s Music to oogle over some Kustom amps and Yamaha Power V drums. “The V is for Volume,” said an ecstatic Daniel. Then we went to Fells Point via I-95 cos i distract Daniel with a hand on his thigh. Or something like that. We went to the Soundgarden to pick up some new music. After finding myself with a stack of cds i decided to narrow it down. I got Raymond Scott’s Manhattan Research (see above), Marc Ribot’s Yo! I Killed Your God, Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Kontakte and Goldie’s INCredible Sound of Drum’n’Bass. Marc Ribot is one wacked crazy mother fucker. I didn’t think I can find a bad CD on the Tzadik Label. So after shopping for new music and fending off the crazy Baltimore bums we headed back in the car for some grub and ended up at the Brewers Art. I thought our waitress was rather cute and she was tall and wore cool glasses. She even knew her beer. Perhaps a little too in tune with the ways of Bennigans, but still, she could have made an abundant amount of cute babies with Daniel. Perhaps next time he’ll actually leave his number on the receipt so they could have made sweet love that night. But then i would have been caught in that awkward position of finding my way out of that situation. I think that would have been worth it though. For Daniel’s sake. But this didn’t happen, and we just came back to his pad for some crits of our past rehearsals with Silver Sessions. We have about 8 songs to start working on. It’s already huge. Watch out bitch.

daniel.: prog has a groove….you just need a calculator to find it.

arap13: somepeople have a little more time that most

listen to what the flower people say... ah ahhhh hahahahahahahahaha . daveandben (16k image)Goddam this week could not go by any faster. But luckily it’s after just about 4pm. I have been pretty burnt out with my job since mid November for the most part. I mean i have nothing to complain about, but at the same time, i just wish it was 5 years from now when my record label will be funding mine and Daniel’s day jobs. Ok, maybe 10 years, but it will happen. And I’ll be able to do photography with my free time, more like what i am doing now with it. Just a bit more. And this move to Baltimore will be great for me and Daniel’s musical endeavors. I cant wait until i get to physically build Skylab Studios’ walls in our attic. Doing the dry wall with Scott sounds exciting. I just hope the house inspector does not find asbestos (i cant spell it) up there. But so be it. We’ll figure something out.

So last night was Emily’s Father’s Christmas Party for his business he owns. I picked up Emily and childhood friend, Sean. Sean rocks. Super cool guy. I had a good time and my parents actually stayed much longer contrary to what I had expected. It was pretty amusing to me as Emily was virtually royalty there with all the Baltimore and DC bigwigs. I mean, i wasn’t surprised, it was just interesting to me. So i finally saw a co-worker of mine there. She is in National Sales for a few stations here, but she was there, and we both looked at each other dumbfounded. I guess I knew why she was there, but she was more confused why I was there. And then today sitting in the PD of DC101’s office, Jim, the bigwig for all the DC AM’s station comes in and says to Buddy he was at the same Christmas Party I was at and goes on to tell Buddy, “That Bob, he’s such a great guy, always giving back to the community…” Etc. Etc… Then I told him I was there too and we chatted about Bob a bit. It’s funny how i am slowly realizing how much of big wheel he is in the business, even in DC. Pretty swell.

So Saturday for brunch I am going to the ‘rents and later I am going to be doing editing at Daniel’s for Silver Sessions junx. Then Sunday we’re getting back together to rehearse more songs at my place. SILVER SESSIONS, coming to a club near you. But not near you.

34. Most annoying thing people ask me? why do you spell your name with one t.

And today i went to talk with the rocking LeeAnn (the music director) about printers for her new digital camera and every time i visit with her she insists on loading me up with new CDs…so she rocks me like no other MD and this time i got:
Minutemen – resigned to life
The Oranges Band (from Baltimore)- on tv
Luna – close cover before striking
The Kicks (not to be confused with the other Baltimore band, Kix) – s/t
Queens of the Stone Age – songs for the deaf

P.S. Have i told you how righteous Netflix is?