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hasselblad test shots for the stanko shoot

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Dreaded words of the weekend, “Hey, uh…um, like. Can I have your backstage pass?”

unfortunately, it’s been downhill ever since

thecrue_devil (11k image)So I left my house as normal as any other given day. Perhaps a little later than normal. But that was no reason for what was to happen later today. Since we got about 2 feet of snow this weekend the whole city has been a mess. And we all knew it. I knew the roads were going to be f’d up. So I didnt honestly kick ass to get in to work on time. It did took me literally 30 minutes to go 1 mile to 270. And then from there it was a 2 hour trip down 270. Yeah, my typical commute is 20 minutes in the mornings. I live 9 miles from work. It’s no big deal at all. But this morning since all the roads are covered in snow banks it was understandable. That and the fact that no one besides myself can drive worth a damn. Oh yeah, and most of all my friends.

About 1 hour in to my ride to work, this morning, I start getting really queazy and sweaty and tired. I start getting really antsy and closterphobic. Granted, i am no morning person, and i am frequently quite irritable in the morning, so i really didnt think much of it. I decided unroll the window a bit to get a tad of fresh i270 air when I notice this tow truck behind me flashing his lights at me. What the fuck? I didnt do anything. Bite my asshole. So then he has the balls to jump up on the shoulder of the snow bank and unrolls his window and says, “Unless you want to die, you might want to clean out the snow from your left muffler.”

Jesus Christ. Holy JC. So then i quickly pulled over and got out of the car. Hands still shaking. I got my ice scraper and cleared out the snow from the rather soiled and snow filled left muffler. Luckily i have two mufflers and only one was clogged with snow. And for the rest of the day in my car all my windows were open. So be careful out there and RIP to that 4 year old that did in fact die from carbon monoxide poisoning. So that was my near-death experience for the day. And should teach you a lesson. You should always wait to go in to work until all the snow has melted on and in your car.

Dude, Motley Crue is on the VH1 Classics and it’s Same ol’ Situation from Dr. Feelgood. Side two, cut one. Fucking phenomenal. “i used to call her cindy, she changed her name to sin.” I miss sides.

Oh yeah, and me and Emily bought a Hasselblad with some of the money we earned from the weekend gig. Time to go to sleep. And yes, it will be on the bed with me. I am like Michael when it comes to cameras.