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pretzel logic.

peg. (22k image)this weekend….i’m going back home to philadelphia. i’m really looking forward to it….as i haven’t seen my family since december. i’ve talked to them…..but when we talk….we don’t really talk. it’s more of an interview. they ask questions….and i answer them….without divulging too much information to make me look like the wrong candidate for the job as their son. this has been the protocol since i was a teenager. i love them to death….but our ill communication is beyond repair. i think.

but….i actually have things to report when i go home. there has actually been significant activity in my life in the past months. i know my father….being a drummer as well….will be very excited to hear about the first silver sessions show. he might even drive down to see us. i always get nervous when i play in front of him. he’s a good drummer. he’s the one who got me started on this journey. but at some point….i passed him. he never had any instructors….he’s self taught. he’s played in numerous bands over the years. he used to be a hippie. and somewhere…..deep down….past his bmw and his job at ibm….he still is. and he can rock it.

the biggest news i have to report when i go home is about joanna. i don’t even know how to approach the topic. i haven’t talked about or introduced any of the girls i’ve been seeing to my family since college. basically….because i haven’t been serious about any of them. but this is different. and i’m convinced that they think i’m either gay or asexual. only because i don’t talk about it. and i know they’re concerned. and that’s something else we won’t discuss. it’s like an olympic event to watch us skirt around sensitive topics. but i want to tell them about joanna. i want them to meet her. i want them to know that i’m ok. i want them to see how wonderful she is. and why i’m falling for her so hard.

so maybe this will be a turning point in my life with my family. maybe i’ve changed so much in the past seven months….that i’ll finally be able to talk to my parents like a normal person. maybe we can all sit down and be happy without an argument. maybe.

pessimist, underachiever or a chronic failure

yeah yeahs.  andreea (16k image)I get bouncebacks at work when people’s emails are funky or just are simply not liked. This one came back cos of a auto-generated thank you email for joining the wesite i do at work. I got this one today and laughed outloud.

Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content.

Place = Anderson, MXXXXXX (GEI, GEFA); ;
Sender =
Subject = Welcome to DC101.COM!
Delivery Time = March 24, 2003 (Monday) 15:51:17
Policy = Sexual Discrimination
Action on this mail = Quarantine message

Warning message from administrator:
Notice: A message you sent appears to have violated GE Financial Assurance email policies for inappropriate language or content and may not have been received by the recipient.

only after the rain can you live again

bush = nixon?  sure.  then he's also not a crook.  just like nixon.  nixoncambodia (15k image)I was thinking today on the way home from checking on Emily’s pussies while she’s in San Francisco. I was wondering why in most songs drummers play the verses on the hi-hats and the ride on the choruses. Obviously it’s because the ride gives the effect of a hightened emotion where it’s applicable during the chorus. Sure. But it that because we’ve been trained and just plain accustomed to that? Regardless, i am still so stale with verses and choruses. Been there done that. Perhaps it’s because of the amounts of Nelson i have been listening to for some perspective on the state of popular music today.

This whole weekend was a spring cleaning, cnn watching, omr wesite stuff (mp3ing, content), Emily missing, laundry and roomate hanging fun filled weekend. I cleaned the pond, hardcore. I got all the leaves and debris out of that sucker. I even pulled out a dead frog. It was pretty nasty and well preserved in the cold water. I cant imagine what it would have been like if it was the dead of the summer. Thank goodness no one had to witness that. We also cleaned out the actual water and fed in new water while the old drained. It’s super clear and i think the fishes are confused as one was playing dead off and on. That or Daniel gave him the evil eye.

you do know we’re swingers

Last night was fun though, I met up with Daniel and we listened to some Silver Sessions and critiqued it and then headed to The Soundgarden to get some new tunes. It’s funny cos we always end up with stacks of CDs and then have to consolodate. Our dates our becoming quite cliche. I ended up with the following: Nico’s chelsea girl, Jesus and Mary Chain’s psyhcocandy, John Zorn’s masada live in jerusalem and Devo’s q: are we not men? a: we are devo/live. Another to add to the Eno collection. Goddam he’s done some good stuff. We hung with Joanna and i perused through her CD collection. It blew me away at the fact that she had her CDs in those books. No protective jewel cases and they werent even alphabetized. Just a little out of place considering her precise and quite good listening tastes. I envied their kitchen table, as well. And then we all went to dinner at some random Japanese place fully stocked with stoner boys who talked randomly about Star Wars. We hung out with her roomate, Sally who also went to Richard Montgomery High School, and we did the name game and she most of them and had that same opinions. Pretty funny how that works out. Small fucking world. Yeah, and Sally rocked cos she just met me and was eating all my food after I asked if people wanted any. That so ruled. Sally is also quite the dancer. Oh yeah, and the above paragraph did not necessarily happen in that order.