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i got an extra ticket for trick tonight, if you want to go

my bedroom - not yours :: bedroom1 (6k image)Never in my life have I ever been so busy. I do quite frequently say this a lot, but still. I think it’s evident when I havent posted a peep here since before April 19th. Gosh, that was before the Flaming Lips. Since then:

The Silver Sessions played their first show. It went great. It wasnt loud. It will be soon though. Lots of our friends came out and many of the regulars of the venue were there as well. We were both pretty damn nervous about the setup and the whole idea, but overall it went over pretty well. After the first hourlong set comprised of 2 (ok, maybe 3) songs we faded the song. After what appeared to be an eternity (most likely 1/2 a second) the croud errupted in a nice applause. Much more than expected. In fact I kinda forgot that was supposed to happen. It was just nice and rather reassuring. We even had a small child boogie-ing down to our electronic stuff. And yes, if you come up to us as ask us, “So what kind of music do you guys play?” one more time I am gonna punch you in the pussy. Fuck off jack. People are so fucking lame sometimes. And Daniel was right, we play Portugese Polka Klezmer with a dash of Wolfarth. That and some R. Kelly. Cos we like the 14 year old relatives. and video. The best review of the night from a paying customer, “Please dont go back up there.” Luckily they were the only minority and were from L.A. or something like that. They showed up in a limo. Classy. Oh yeah, we have stickers. Want one?

Sunday was moving day. We moved all of Emily’s stuff from Takoma Park in MD to Takoma Park in DC. It took like 3 hours to load everything and less than one hour to unload. My allergies were killing me and we were all pretty tired and cranky from the show the night before. But it all worked out great and Lance and Jesse fucking rock. One day they’ll both get married and adpot cute and cuddily asian/black babies that Emily can be the godmother for. Could Emily even be a part of that because it has the word god in it? Hmmmmm. And on Monday we took the day off to move a lot of my big shit. I borrowed one of the DC101 station vehicles and hit that shit. I must have been in the car for more than 4 hours yesterday. Luckily i like driving, and dont complain about it much. So yeah, our new house fucking rocks. We painted (or rather I helped paint one wall and Emily, Lance and Ivan did the rest) the walls and it looks rather good. “Technicolor” as my Father says.

So the plan for the future has begun full swing (once we settle and have the house warming party and yeah, Jesse and Ivan and Lance get VIP all the way) – OMR, OMbuttons, L&SP,, Spoon Media, The Silver Sessions, MONS, Tempo Team -> Shit is gonna be good. Good – long – hard. Serious as fuck.

Pictures from the show:

my sacrifice.

dude....i'm white and angry.  i'll kick your dick in. (8k image)ok…..i read an article this morning about some fans suing the band creed for not playing well. they felt cheated. they felt like their expectations were not met. they felt like scott stapp was drunk….or on drugs….or both. they felt like he couldn’t sing all of the lyrics to the songs that they hold so close to their hearts. exactly. that makes me laugh, too.

first of all…..fuck those fans. that band is so fake. and i’m well informed…..i watched their behind the music. i saw how they “struggled”…..big fucking deal. where’s black flag’s behind the music?? that’s struggle. creed is lightweight. and these fans obviously got what they deserved. creed is not a band who is going to come out every night and give it all they have. they will not bleed for you. unless there’s a bunch of record company execs who are in attendance. that band is all about money. and if you think otherwise….you should really try to be more honest with yourself. if that band really cared….they’d start their own label and charge reasonable prices for the records….their shows….and their merchandise. they have more than enough money to do any of that. they don’t have any excuses.

with that said…..i’m a fair individual. i try to be as open minded as possible. really. so i’m actually rooting for creed in this case. i want them to win….because that lawsuit is complete bullshit. i wonder if these people’s employer’s could sue them for not performing their jobs to the fullest extent everyday? i wish. i also wish i could sue them for supporting this band in the first place….but i covered that in the previous paragraph. anyway….even though i want this band to die…..they need to win if this goes to court. if they lose….it could open a door to something completely new. suing bands for shitty shows. like there aren’t enough frivolous lawsuits now. and some day it could be a band i love. this country is just getting more and more ridiculous everyday. and i think it may even be beyond repair.

more lists.

and your mother, too. (9k image)more things….

….went grocery shopping.
….skipped my workout on friday.
….watched y tu mama tambien.
….had a great silver sessions session on saturday.
….unsuccessfully looked for pieces for our outfits.
….bought a tie.
….mmmm….whole foods salad bar
….went to circuit city to buy an 1/8th” to rca plug. they didn’t have any.
….got to radioshack after they closed.
….got frustrated as to why i couldn’t find anything i wanted to purchase that day.
….woke up early on sunday to go back down to mat’s for practice.
….met laura’s parents….and watched as they iced a bunny.
….went to the mall to try again….only to find that the mall was closed for easter.
….since when do malls close for christian holidays besides christmas?!
….joanna brought a bunch of cds over for me to burn.
….tried to finish the book i’m reading….as i haven’t had much time to devote to it.
….fell asleep reading.

now i’m just waiting for saturday. i’m already nervous.