Monthly Archive for May, 2003

spontaneous simplicity.

intergalactic motion. (7k image)i have shit to do.

….get a new speaker for my amp…..drop off promo flyers at talking head club…..return behringer mixer….and get the right one…..get a haircut…..make an appointment to see a doctor…..make an appointment to see the dentist…..make an appointment to get my eyes checked… my family.
….figure out what mat and i will play at the silver sessions show…..practice practice practice…..ask my manager about a raise…..clean my apartment…..update my website…..go to the sound garden and spend money i don’t have…..get press kit together for the silver sessions… every venue on the east coast to schedule a show…..find time to become involved with charm city art space and the electric maid…..start working out on a regular basis again…..i miss it so much…..stop being a lazy ass who can’t find time to do any of this shit.

no, i’m gonna surf in my da-na-da-na

26may2003 :: strike bowling

23may2003 :: crabfest 2003

Stuff going on:
  • bowled
  • watched the fams eat crabs
  • got a cold
  • gave emily a cold
  • been playing a fark load of music
  • had a second dentist’s appointment
  • put together the composter daniel and myself picked up today at home depot
  • hung cameras in every room above the doors
  • bought a dvd player
  • rented tron
  • caught up with months worth of emails
  • talked with justin on his mac im
  • learned osx
  • moved more skylab gear
  • did some mulligan bonding
  • that’s it for now…more later as it happens

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kraftwerkstate (13k image)I don’t understand why building a theremin doorbell could ever be such a headache. I mean the theory as to how a theremin works is quite simple. And adding a nulling circuit just like the one that Leon had in his original RCA ones, should not be that much trouble. And they aren’t. But it is, and them plans I got from my friend in Australia who is helping me design this baby is doing a great job, but it turns out there are a lot of parts she can get in Australia that i can’t get here. For example the 500 ohm potentiometer. For the life of me I cant find one. God damn the man. Our next plan of attack is to work with the tuning capacitor. Hopefully that will work and I can finish this up this week on my week off. I can’t tell you how needed this vacation is going to be. I’ve never been so burnt out of work. Vacation=good&productive. Work=mundane.

So I started to get sick a few days ago. It’s spring time. It’s time for Mat to get sick. It’s only fair for mother nature. Spring and fall it’s inevitable that i will get sick. Once in the spring and once in the fall. And with all the cleaning and painting and putting up curtains and moving boxes and organizing 12″ records we’re doing right now, I am pretty much a nasty snot rag of a mess.

In other news. Me and Daniel are kicking arse in the ways of live drum and bass. Daniel is a sick monster on the drums. And I am trying to keep up with him. Working outside of this band to try to learn the sampler is a tough thing. That sampler aint no easy feat. But I will get it, and you might actually see it pop up at the June 11th show. Perhaps.