Monthly Archive for June, 2003

this time i am in no hurry.

get home. (8k image)it’s monday morning at 8:35 am. i’ve been up for a little over two hours. it’s hard to explain exactly what happened these past four days. ‘wha happened?’ ….i don’t even understand all of it. it doesn’t make any sense on paper. it just doesn’t seem logical. if you told me the story…..i would say that you are insane. and that it would never work. and that it would be more trouble than it’s worth. and you’d be right…..except that you’re not.

these things happen all of the time in the movies. i’ve seen them. i’ve sat in the theater or in front of my television watching these stories….and thought it was complete bullshit. that it would never happen to anyone. i’ve read books where it’s happened. i’ve written posts about it. in fact…..i remember a post just late last year that was entirely based on this and at the end….i pulled the rug out and said that it was just a daydream. it never happened…..until now.

there’s so much to this story…..and i could fill up pages here talking about it. this story has been going on for three years now. and i never thought it would get to this point….and i never thought it would be this incredible. and this time i got it right. and it’s not anything i have to think about. and it’s not anything i have to worry about. and it’s not something i have to justify to anyone. and it’s not something i’m embarrassed about. and it’s not something i’m going hide. it’s something that i knew the moment i saw her get off the plane. and she knew it too.

docmendrakis: heh heh…you’re such a man

one day we will all be jeremiah!  jeremiah_blah (11k image)The beach was soooo needed. I didnt check my work email or even look at any of the sites i maintain. That, my friends, is what a vacation is all about. I slept late. Ate good food. Took pictures on the boardwalk of the seedy beach folk. It was a good time. I so hated coming back to work yesterday. It was one explative after another. The marketing manager next to my office must have loved me. But leaving at 4pm was a nice treat. (What a nice treat that never ever happens!)

a six hour day?!

In other news. Perhaps about my theremin doorbell? Well it’s done. I got my 500 ohm potentiometer from Kees in Australia. Actually Tasmania, Australia. A first for me. (S)he rules my world. The modification worked perfectly just after two solder points and two wire clips. So i moved the theremin from the living room into the front porch. The wire leads wont work as all the interfering capacitance in that space is quite high. I think that is from the AC leads all over that room. Kinda strange for a door area. So I have the theremin in that room and run a long speaker cable to the living room with a speaker mounted on the wall. It’s great. And when the visitor touches the door knob it jumps the theremin tone a few steps. Three, i think. But that’s just an added bonus. They still have to touch nothing to trigger the theremin. So yes, the theremin doorbell is done. And all ready for the house warming on Sunday!

The Silver Sessions also have a show at the Velvet Lounge in DC. The date is July 8th. We’ll be playing with Gel Sol and Verbal. Finally a show with bands kinda like us. At least not a fucking rock band. Flyer to come.

i can’t stand the rain.

where was you at? (10k image)monday. monday. most of my friends were out of town this weekend….but i still had a full weeekend. i thought i was going to be so bored. i thought i would have so much time on my hands…..and i would stare at the clock waiting for it to be today so i’d have somewhere to go. but by the time i went to bed last night…..i was tired and happy to finally rest.

friday night…..being the popular person i am…..i went to the gym. i’ve come to really love being there on firday nights. there’s no one there… i never have to wait for any machines. and i get my full workout done in no time. i got home and called jason to let him know i was on my way over. i’ve been wanting to check out this house for about a week now. it’s in charles village…’s full of musicians….and they need a roommate. the house was very cool and there’s even a practice space in the basement. the rent is almost half of what i’m paying now… mat and i can finally get the label going. all of the roommates were very nice and i decided pretty much on the spot that i’d take it. now i have a new home! well… a few months.

saturday and sunday were full of errands. running around trying to get things done that i’ve put off for weeks now. not having anyone to see really let me be productive. i actually cleaned my apartment. it’s been a little while…..and it’s not that it’s a mess…’s just dusting and vacuuming and general disinfecting that needed to be done. and now it is. i even got down to mat’s on sunday to play with the kitties and get some practice time in. good stuff. and now i’m just looking forward to this weekend. house(warming) party! i even think the silver sessions will show up. and maybe i’ll see you there. but after a long weekend of activity….i’m almost glad to be here at work. i’m jerseyed out.