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why not: next weekend, dc. you vixen.

the only serious choice - spam (13k image)Have you ever received a spam email advertising spam removal that gets filtered through your spam protection? Goddam, this cracks me up. It’s almost as funny as getting pop-ups for pop-up killers. Too bad I never see those.

Thank you, Mat. Did this come out of the tool?

I am taking a vacation. Emily and myself are going to the beach for 4 days. “Didnt you just take a vacation,” you might be asking yourself. And in fact I did. I took a weeks vacation 3 weeks ago and pretty much didnt do anything. It was nice. I sat at home and organized all my shit and played a butt load of music. Organized CDs and did laundry. But I need the beach and luckily Emily’s Father and Nan rented a place out there and invited us. Since they rock, we decided to take them up on it. It’s a good thing we all get along. Those peeps are cool people. It’s great having cool family so close. So yes, tomorrow Emily and myself are heading to Bethany. Or is it Rohoboth. Ocean City? Ugh, i cant keep track. As long as it isnt Ocean City in Maryland, I am game. NJ Ocean City isnt all that either. It’s just the next rung up.

And yes, vacations rule. How do I always end up taking vacations? I do love the fact that the boss didnt even realize I had taken a vacation just 3 weeks prior. That or he has to do everything he can to keep me for the time being.

next weekend, baltimore.

The housewarming isnt too far away. And damn it’s getting to be large. Hopefully it wont rain. Even if it does, we’ll have plenty of space outside, we just wont get to use our outside brick oven/grill/smoker thing. We will still have the jello twister going. That is a given. And the Silver Sessions is off until next week. See you next week.

Ok, in other more immediate news. We’re having our weekly meeting with the boss (just minutes ago) and a few people from the WBIG morning show come in and start singing “Happy Birthday”. It’s the boss’ birthday. Uh huh. And one of the morning show girls, who he seems to think is pretty attractive grabbed some of Brian’s hand lotion. She grabbed a little too much and gave some extra lotion to Mark. He rather willingly accepted. And of course he spilled his coffee all over the chair underneath him. Prematurely, of course. I guess you had to be there, but to me, it was middle age madness.

no more the moon shines on lorena.

bye and bye (9k image)i hate indie rock. i hate post punk. i hate techno. i hate pop. i hate country. i hate classical. i hate prog rock. i hate emo. i hate salsa. i hate hip hop. i hate world. i hate folk. i hate jazz. i hate new age. i hate easy listening. i hate bluegrass. i hate gospel. i hate reggae. i hate all of it. i hate music.

sometimes i get too idealistic…..and unreasonable. why can’t it all just be music?? people throw statements around without thinking. how can you hate an entire genre of music? you can dislike what you’ve heard…..but it’s ignorant to think that it’s all the same and that nothing could change your mind about it. and if you do think that…..then you’re probably close minded…..and have poor taste in music. sorry. if you think i’m wrong…..then email me a list of what sits in your record collection.

yes…..i’m music snob. so what. i don’t want to spend my time listening to bland sounds of mundane musicians who don’t care enough about their craft to see it for what it really is. they have choices. they can choose to get in line for overused riffs and chords…..recycled progressions…..and empty lyrics. it happens every day. and people live to buy it. other people choose to see how ridiculous that is…..and they decide not to buy into it. they learn about what they’re listening to. they learn what it is…..they learn how it’s done. when they say, “i hate this band”……they can tell you why. and i can respect that. because you won’t hear these people slag a genre because they heard a lame billy ray cyrus song eleven years ago. because they took the time to do some research…..and they heard hank williams…..or jimmie rodgers…..or the carter family.

i‘m not asking for everyone to have my taste in music. i just want them to take the time to learn about it. and to never take the word of someone else and pass up listening to something because of some preconceived notion of what it is. and when you do listen to it…..understand why you like it. or why you don’t like it. i think the more informed you are…..the more incredible music you’ll find. and you’ll be a better person for it. believe me.

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jermaine - feetnik's 2nd cousin. (10k image)mat: do i have to work today?
daniel: no.
daniel: go home.
mat: good
mat: i will.
mat: see you.
daniel: later.
mat: bye.
daniel: bon voyage.
mat: hasta lavista
daniel: adeus.
mat: sianara.
daniel: au revoir.
mat: adeus
daniel: auf wiedersehen.
mat: arrivederci
daniel: tot ziens.

Red Spoon Media is getting some good work. It’s been busy. Retainers rule. I could quit my job if this contract works out.