Monthly Archive for July, 2003

what actually is a day job?

sohot (12k image)Wednesday: Leave work a little early. Either skip or postpone meeting with Mark. Practice with the Silver Sessions after work. Get our Muddy Waters & Howlin’ Wolf and RL Burnside on. 7pm – Desmond comes over. Work out designing the corporate package and what not. Talk about other various sundries. Finish the Koyaanisqatsi documentary.

Thursday: TBA. Right now it’s just a thursday. Perhaps hit REI and get a bike.

Friday: Practice with the Silver Sessions. Finish up last minute things with the record artwork. Get to Staples and/or Pearl Art and get red/maroon paper for liner notes. Party like it’s 1999.

Saturday: Head over to the ‘rents place to watch the cable man set up their cable modem. Then Emily will come over after her Pilates class. Happy Birthday Pops. Have lunch with the fam. Perhaps practice with the Silver Sessions.

Sunday: Cant remember what is going on. Except the Silver Sessions is playing a show again. Details here. Come on out.

To do list: finish finances, learn illustrator so i can be more a part of Red Spoon Media, check out Becca’s new pad, stop using friendster, clean frog acquarium, dance party to klf more often, kfl’s gonna rock you, try and see kiss, decide if my distaste for fish (sans lox, as that is a genetic predisposition) is psychological or physiological.

like that very first moment we kissed….

madonna. (7k image)i got back from nashville yesterday morning around ten. i walked down and i grabbed my luggage off the belt….jumped in the bus to take me back to long term parking… in my truck…..and drove to work. i walked into voicemails…..emails…..and about forty pounds of faxes. welcome to my world of suck.

everything was amazing in nashville. i got in last wednesday around six or seven…..the plane was a little late. and jessica was waiting for me just beyond the security gates. i don’t know how to explain how i feel when i see her… matter where we are…..i just feel like i’m home when i’m with her. and that’s the feeling i got again when i saw her standing there. so we went back to her house. emily and amanda were already there… we all hung out for a bit…..but they left shortly after i got there. so jessica and i just hung out for the rest of the night…..we went to ruby tuesdays for dinner…..because it was the only place that was close and opened. i drank two lagers… must’ve been jet lag. the food wasn’t bad…..we were both so hungry by that point…..i think aluminum and ketchup would’ve been tasty.

the next day she had to work… i eventually walked up to her parent’s house and met her mom. she fed me and then we sat in their screened in porch watching finches and hummingbirds…..talking about random things. it’s funny…..i didn’t really feel uncomfortable at all….maybe because some of her mannerisms are like jessica’s. i don’t know. eventually her brother, david, came home. all of us talked for a bit…..then david and i ran out to have the oil changed in her mother’s car. he and i don’t have much in common…..but he’s incredibly sweet. he made me feel so welcomed there. they all did. i was really grateful. i ventured back down to jessica’s house later and waited for her to come home. when she did…..we went back up to her folk’s place for dinner…..where i met her other brother and her father. meeting the father is always interesting. you never know what thoughts are really floating around in their heads. so i just tried to be as respectful as possible…..and not grope jessica as i talked to him. but at the end of the evening he told me to come back soon… i think i won him over. i think.

the rest of the week and weekend was filled with various stuff. we went downtown and ate at market street brewing company…..and the waiter may or may not have uttered the word slut at one point…..but we couldn’t tell. i met some of her coworkers when we stopped by home center network…..and i was also embarrassed at the salon when we went there to pick “something” up. yeah…..i could see through that ruse. it’s one thing to be introduced to your girlfriend’s manicurist…’s another thing to be ogled by the entire group of women IN the salon when this introduction is made. thanks, honey. 😉 i also met some more of her friends when we went downtown to go to a microbrew festival. how much do i love this girl??

so of course all of that time flies by…..and i wake up and it’s monday morning. and it’s four thirty in the morning…..and i don’t want to leave. but we get out of bed anyway…..and i pack. and we drive to the airport. and we say goodbye. and i watch her walk away. and i get on a plane back to baltimore. and i come to this office. and i sit here and think about her. and pass the time until i see her again.

show canceled due to lack of advertising funds

flakey?  naw.  not someone in baltimore. baltimoreharbor (8k image)Normally I wouldn’t be pissed. Actually perhaps I would be. Honestly in my 10 years of playing shows and playing in bands, this has never happened. It did happen once due to excessive show which hindered our travels to the Unitarian Chuch. But that did give me one soundbyte of Jay that ruled beyond all ruling. So that was worth the show cancelation. And it was also out of everyone’s control.

But this person came to us. She wanted us to play a show in Baltimore. We didnt even ask her for the show or go to her for a connection. She came to us. Everything was set up. Everything was peachy. We finally had a headlining show on a weekend. This was where we wanted to be. We even got a friend who just played a show with us on the bill. Then last night, we got an email from her saying the club isn’t doing shows anymore. Or something to that effect.

Why didn’t she work it out with the club owner to finished all shows booked. Save a little reputation. Put yourself on the line a bit… I am not mad, just very disapointed.

If anyone out there wants us to play your party or fill a slot at a show, let us know. We play mad wild live drum & bass and we’re from DC. Will travel. Maybe it’s time to start making contracts.

Enough of this. I am going to the farmer’s market with Emily.