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ask yo girl if she can get me a job at her place

andrewwk350 (28k image)

The Andrew W.K. rocked us. Again. God help us all. Click here for the evidence. Have a good weekend.

feetnik: i’m delirious!

mars (7k image)From the Washington Post:

But this week, Mars goes beyond its usual cool status to super-cool. That’s because on Wednesday, Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth in at least 5,000 years. (There’s some debate about this. NASA says Mars was almost this close about 60 years ago, and other scientists say Mars hasn’t been this close in nearly 60,000 years.) But in any event, on Wednesday night, Mars will be just 34,646,418 miles away. You’ve never seen anything like this. (Neither have your parents, or their parents or their parents’ parents. You get the picture.)

Go outside and look for the Olympus Mons.

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ozzfest flyaway to the uk weekend

I‘ve seen some dumb shit happen here at DC101 and all the other stations I’ve worked with. But never before has something this ass backwards happened to me.

So the set up was that I was working with an sales girl in getting a banner ad ready for a run. It turned out that she just put me in touch with the client. Some Nextel affiliate. So the client faxed me over the banner so I would have something to work with. She fucking faxed it. I shit you not. The proof is in the pudding. Below.

faxbannerad (17k image)