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at home he's a tourist. (6k image)it’s been quite some time since i’ve written here. i just haven’t been all that motivated to write anything lately. actually…..i haven’t been that motivated to do much of anything lately. and that all came to a climax when i got strep throat. i couldn’t do anything. and i found that there is a big difference between the two. sitting in my apartment for four days without being able to swallow without severe pain…..i got to thinking about things. and i came to some conclusions.

i won’t share any of them with you…..but that’s for your own benefit. just know that i’m happy…..and everything seems to be a bit more clear these days. it’s a good thing. one thing i will share with you, though…..for some unknown reason…..i had this urge to watch sex and the city while i was sick. so i rented the first season….and watched it in a day. i then ventured out to the video store to rent the second season…..since i was hooked. they didn’t have the second season for some reason…..but they had the third……and the fourth. by the time sunday rolled around…..i had seen both. and i must admit how good that show actually is. i was pleasantly surprised…..i had seen a few episodes here and there…..but seeing it all together…..i was impressed. and they’re all so foxy!

anyway… i’m getting better. little to no spots on my tonsils…..i can swallow. all is well again. and i found out this morning that i can take off thursday and friday of next week. jessica and i are venturing up to philly for a few days. she gets to meet the family…..which really isn’t fair. she doesn’t have anything to worry about…..and i totally had to sweat it when i went there. typical. 😉 so i’ve already made plans to show her the town…..and the city……and meet vanessa. we’re all going to POD that saturday night. sushi on a conveyer belt!!

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tubes (11k image)-more sniper action in WV
-what the fuck is wrong with people
-bbq chicken is good for lunch
-green beans rule with chicken
-mandarin lime soda is tasty
-why have i received 300 email viruses today at work
-it’s hurting me
-but i am watching jerry springer at work
-so it’s ok
-everytime i eat a green bean the juices squirt all over my screen
-it’s uncanny
-i am going to lakelands tonight
-my sister now lives there
-i’ve never seen so many white people
-it’s kind of sickening
-but she’s giving us nice patio furniture
-i’ll be driving the sportstalk980 van
-i think she’s also feeding me rules
-their cover of bring me to life is seriously horrifying
-and yes, that is a bad thing
-cos i know all of you goths like that horrifying stuff
-but no, this is just badd
-fucking goths
-do people still listen to that shitty music?
-speaking of which, poor bobby brown
-you pick

revolution starts now with you

positiveforce (7k image)I guess it was about a month or so ago when we decided it was time to hit REI and get some bikes. We were planning a camping trip up in New England for the fall and thought it would be a good idea to get some good exercise along the way. So we did a bit of research and hit WalMart instead to save some money and looked at some bikes. It was in Germantown. The bowels of the suburbs of DC. If it’s even a suburb. It was a disaster there in the bike department so we decided not to fool anyone and went to REI. Talked with the bike dude there and got fitted with some nice urban/trail bikes. I guess they call them hybrids. I just wanted a bike with some sort of suspension. I thought that was the coolest thing. Plus my ass is tiny and would help the lack of padding issue. And there is something more romantic about exercising in a city vs. the suburbs/country.

Last week we hit the Sligo Trail in Takoma Park/Silver Spring area and hit about 5 miles through the trails. Emily hit a curb at the wrong angle on the way back and slid off the bike on the pavement. Luckily she wasnt going too fast. She did happen to scrape up her knee quite a bit and we ended up taking her to the emergency room for 4 stitches. The amazing thing was that there were all these people on the trail that were so helpful in cleaning the wound up and just taking care of her while I sprinted to get the car. People are so nice out here it sickens me sometimes. And the experience in the ER was actually quite nice. The health care system here in the United States was redeemed for me. I was actually more a wreck than Emily was. She was completely calm and I was shitting bricks. Such is life.

So today while Emily was at Pilates I hit the trail again and clocked in about 7 miles. I started out around Flower Avenue and went about 1 mile past Colesville Road. My average speed was about 10.5 mp/h and my max speed actually hit 20.5 mp/h. Spedometers/odometers rules.

And on Thursday we went to see David Rees for his comic book called “Get Your War On” and Mark Andersen and Mark Jenkins for their Dance of Days (Two Decades of Punk in the Nation?s Capital) book at Politics and Prose on Connecticuit Avenue. David Rees was horrifically funny and sardonic. His comic book was pretty much what me and all my friends talked about regarding post-911 events. Regardless, funny as hell. Enough of that. And Mark Andersen who actually is the founder of Positive Force spoke next. I have always had the utmost respect for his organization and always wanted to be involved with. But he wasnt there promoting Positive Force, he was promoting his book. So Mark Andersen talked a lot about stepping up and questioning and what punk means and what not. As always, it was quite inspiring. After the crowd settled we chatted with Mark Andersen and he signed my book. (Daniel you can have my original book, if you’d like). Emily also asked him to be on her monthly radio show on DC101 and Hot995. He humbily agreed. I was way excited for her. (More info on Positive Force.)

Now it’s just about noon and it’s time to relax a bit.