Monthly Archive for November, 2003

the new and illicit hickey underworld

astro_denmark (7k image)Things going on:

-Put up Xmas lights on the house
-Bought Xmas tree in Silver Spring
-Put up bubble lights on tree
-Had Turkey Day dinner at Samer’s house
-We stole their turkey carcass so we could make our 3rd annual turkey soup
-It gets better each year
-We did a lot of cleaning this weekend
-Friday we volunteered at Politics and Prose in wrapping gifts for The Washington Literacy Council
-Organized the front porch and insulated it again
-Last week I had lunch with Jamie
-It was great catching up in person
-Lisa called me, but a little too late
-Gordon convinced me that my next purchase after the 8 Bus mixer is a 24×24 AD/DA converter for the computer
-I am totally sold
-I have a zit on my nose
-It’s beard time
-Been moderately obsessed with
-I am selling my Yashica 6×6 Medium Format camera, if interest – contact me ASAP
-I just found out that Shuggie Otis played on Zappa’s hot rats record
-The casio modulation kiddo is coming over tonight with Gordon
-Yes, i’ve not posted here in a long while
-I’ve been terribly busy, and I apologize
-It’s a double edged sword, isn’t it?

perpetual motion machine

warmjets - here they come (8k image)1. Favorite Album Cover ART?
The Nation of Ulysses’ plays pretty for baby

2. What album(s) do you own in more than one
-Iggy Pop’s lust for life
-Lou Reed’s transformer
-Joni Mitchell’s s/t
-Prince’s gold experience
-Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s orange
-there are more, these are the one’s i remember off the top of my head

3. Analog or Digital?
depends. a lot of electronic music would not sound good in analog. and vice versa.

4. What band do you hate more than anything in
Morrisey/Smiths, Pretty much any rock/hip hop group on the radio

5.What albums of your parents did you borrow or
The Beatles – revolver
The Rolling Stones – flowers
John Denver’s greatest hits
Abba’s super trouper
Bob Seger’s night moves

6. Secret Guilty pleasure album?
Anything by Lisa Loeb (note Zappa connection), Tool

7. Favorite movie soundtrack?
Philip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi, Prince’s Purple Rain or Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks

8. Favorite compilation album?
Goldies drum & bass one is pretty damn good

9. What do you drink when you listen to _____?
I’ve never linked any beverage to music.

10. top three on your wish list?
My Blood Valentine box, Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico live, Woodstock: Three Days of Peace & Music [25th Anniversary]

11. Favorite place to buy music?
Other Music (NYC), Soundgarden (Baltimore), Ear-X-Tacy (Louisville)

12. First concert?
Poison & Warrant, 1989

13. Best concert ever? (there’s something about DC)
Prince, DC (2002)
Tortoise, DC (2000)
Soul Coughing, DC (1999)
Trans Am, DC (1997)
‘N-Sync, DC (2000) – i shit you not, they put on a dope show

14. Favorite Venue?
930 Club, by far

15. Farthest you’ve traveled for a show?
14 hours, for a few Soul Coughing shows

16. Favorite crooner?
a dead one. (right on Dan)

17. Favorite musical decade?
70s was good.

18. Favorite label?
Thrill Jockey, Command Records, Dischord

19. You’re the DJ at a small party of close
friends. What do you play?
Zappa, VHS or Beta, whatever…

20. What do you listen to when you are getting
ready to go out on the town?
Good stuff

20 1/2.When you first wake up?

21. Favorite cover song?
Hot Blooded as covered by Trans Am

24. Favorite box set?
Velvet Underground, The Police or the Beach Boys (for bands)
Soul Spectacular or 70s Soul Experience or American Roots Music (for genre related)

25. How do you usually discover new music?
networking, live shows, interviews,

26. Best road trip sing-along album?
James, Beatles, Funkadelic

27. What are your desert Island top 5 records?

1. Tortoise – millions now living
2. Trans Am – surrender to the night
3. Prince – 1999
4. Frank Zappa – Hot Rats
5. Funkadelic – s/t
6. The Flaming Lips zaireeka

PS. Most of these answer change hourly.

detroit rock city

tim_fetish (5k image)Things going on:

-Canning jams with Emily for part of our Christmas/Channukah gifts
-Been totally getting in to baking bread (and yes, without a bread maker)
-Finished working on OMR002; it’s getting pressed as you read this
-Finished mastering OMR001; Emily will be starting artwork asap; Due out first week in December
-I [heart] my OMR checks/credit card, and tax license
-Finally got the scanner working to scan in Stanko shoots
-Been working off and on with Gordon on muzaq
-Got hired to shoot a wedding this Saturday
-Put an ad up on a classified site and this guy I played a show a few months ago randomly replied to me without even knowing who I was (small fucking world/great minds); we’ll be getting together Sunday and I have a good feeling
-Al has been working on some stuff for the label
-I’ve been taking in all of Al’s muzaq and am pretty fucking impressed
-I look forward to recording him soon
-Speaking of recording, it’s confirmed that Landon will be coming to DC in late January for the Chinese New Yeear to record with me
-Lots of music going on
-I’ve been practicing, but need to more
-Work is work; that is all for now
-We still havent caught the mouse but we are close
-If I havent replied to your email, i apologize, i will
-My guitarist friend Eric from High School is actually moving one street over from me; woot!