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joe the lion

a – age: 20s
b – band listening to right now: david bowie
c – career future: more of what i do now
d – dad’s name: neil
e – easiest person to talk to: emily
f – favorite song: any show tune
g – gummy bears or gummy worms: bears
h – hometown: MD burbs
i – instruments: lots
j – job: multimedia business owner
k – kids: why not
l – longest car ride ever: DC to Montreal
m – mom’s name: francine
n – no. of people you’ve slept with: a couple
p – phobia(s): height
q – quote: i hate quotes
r – reason to smile: for today
s – song you sang last: i dont sing, you communist
t – time you wake up: 8am
u – unknown fact about me: i own a donna lewis cd
v – vegetable you hate: olives
w – worst habit: tv
x – x-rays you’ve had: teeth
y – yummy food: anything vegan
z – zodiac sign: capricorn

the chocolate filling spreads too many viruses

Lilfeetnik: what’s up?
mat: not too much
mat: working. it’s kinda slow
mat: it’s cool though, cos i am hung over
Lilfeetnik: that’s what it’s like for me too
Lilfeetnik: except i’m not hungover
Lilfeetnik: ha!
mat: nice!
Lilfeetnik: i probably will be this weekend.
Lilfeetnik: we’re going out for vanessa’s birthday.
Lilfeetnik: i hope we sing karaoke.
Lilfeetnik: i’ve got the jones.
mat: nice!
mat: hehehe
Lilfeetnik: to sing neil diamond, no less!
Lilfeetnik: i so wanted to call you when it came on.
Lilfeetnik: and sing on the voice mail
mat: but of course!
mat: i love it!
Lilfeetnik: i think i laughed the whole way through.
Lilfeetnik: 🙂
mat: 😉
mat: i cant wait!
Lilfeetnik: for what?
mat: neil diamond!
Lilfeetnik: he’s coming there?
mat: naw, but he should!
mat: i told you i was hungover!
Lilfeetnik: yeah.
Lilfeetnik: i just didn’t know HOW hungover.
Lilfeetnik: damn.
Lilfeetnik: you know what i want?
Lilfeetnik: a doughnut.
mat: i just had two
Lilfeetnik: eff you!
mat: glazed and jelly filled!
mat: i can email you the other jelly filled one
Lilfeetnik: i like cream filled.
Lilfeetnik: with chocolate icing.
mat: yum!
Lilfeetnik: damn, i need a doughnut!
mat: i cant email those however
Lilfeetnik: 🙁
Lilfeetnik: boo!
mat: the chocolate filling spreads too many viruses

red hill.

i finally found an apartment. thank god.

i had been going back and forth about moving in with some friends or getting my own place. i really wasn’t sure what would be best. i had been looking at houses and apartments for months now… but i never found anything that really stood out… or made me want to move on it right away. i searched countless online newspapers… real estate websites… checked craigslist hourly… etc. but i never found anything worth pursuing.

but for the past four weeks… i had seen an ad in the reporter for “the lofts” in red hill. red hill is about 15 miles from where i work. it’s a little further out than i was looking for… but i know what a loft apartment is… and in philadelphia… it means at least $1000 a month. but being about 20 miles outside of center city… it means it’s cheaper. so i ventured up to the open house on saturday… expecting to find something that resembled a loft apartment… but not really. i got there easily… the building is actually an old cigar factory that was converted into apartments… and it’s also attached to the library. awesome.

so i walked up to the 3rd floor where they were showing the first apartment… it was ok… i was really imprsssed by how nice it was… but the set up was pretty off… and i didn’t dig it that much. the realtor took me down to the first floor to show me the other one bedroom available. we walked in and i fell in love. it’s a bi-level apartment… exposed beams and bricks and air ducts… and an old metal industrial spiral staircase dividing the two floors. it’s badass!! 6 huge windows on one wall. the bedroom is on the top floor… and there’s a partitioning wall you can over look to see the living room downstairs. i was completely blown away. first….because no one had taken it yet… and two… because it’s in fucking red hill. there’ nothing out in red hill… which is fine with me.

so i put in an application… waited it out sunday and most of yesterday. the realtor called me at like 4:30 yesterday and said it was mine. there were 4 other applications for the place, and i was the most qualified for it. i was really surprised. i totally talked myself out of being the front runner for it. it was a pleasant surprise.

so i move in a week from thursday. i’m gonna try to take some pics before i move in, too. wu!!!