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Communist Bakesale Photo Shoot

Tonight we had a pretty awesome rehearsal. We had a couple new songs in the bag from Eric and Andy. And tonight they completely gelled. I totally love rehearsals like these. After the rock we decided to ask Emily to take a few casual promo shots. Here are a few of them…

Pick your favorite if you are so inclined.

communist bakesale 2

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Yet Another Thanksgiving

I think next year, we’re going to host the Turkey day. Driving around to everyone’s house is kind of tiring. At least this year we’re hosting Christmas for everyone. I’d so much rather cook than drive.

This year was the Tour o’ Turkey. We went to Glen Burnie on Thanksgiving night to have dinner at Emily’s mother’s boyfriend’s daughter’s house. It was great. And we had a fried turkey. Totally worth it. Emily’s mom was mad chatty and told some good stories.

Friday, we went to Baltimore to have dinner with Bob and Nan. We also played Monopoly for 45 minutes. Nan is the best cook ever. Her stuffing balls are to die for. Frankie also met Tibbs. It went pretty well except for the fact that Frankie loves to bark/howl at dogs that ignore her.

Friday night Becca, Jessie (who was in from Tampa), Marlo and Tim all came over to hang out. Amy was in town and was going to come over but her flight on Saturday was early and couldn’t make it. It was a bummer as I really wanted to hang with her. But it was cool to hang out with Jessie as I never get to see her anymore.

On Saturday, Tolya, her mom and Otto came over and we walked to Mark’s Kitchen for some brunch. I think we all got Mark’s special. It’s always yummy there. And we’re going to visit Tolya and Otto in San Francisco in January. Saturday night Jamie and Lisa came over. It was great seeing them both. I get to see Lisa more than Jamie but it’s always good to hang out with her. And Jamie is awesome and it’s great catching up with him. Yeah Big Red! We also ordered Chinese food from the “organic” Chinese food place. It was yummy!

Sunday was spent watching Elf and cleaning the mother humper out of the garage and basement. It’s getting there! And Sunday night we drove over to my parents house with Frankie for their late Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner we watched a DVD of old 8mm and 16mm movies from the 1930s. It was of my father’s side of the family from before he was even born. There were some amazing shots of NYC. Some of them were even in color. It was amazing. Color home movies in the 30s. Amazing. After that we came back I watched Die Hard 2 on TV. I kinda really like those movies.

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i tend to squish in people’s mouths?!

You Are the Cranberry Sauce

A little sweet, a little sour – you’ve got the flava!
Though, you do tend to squish in people’s mouths…

Quite possibly the strangest poll thing I have taken. I squish?! I do have the flava. They got that right. Thanks Lara. 😉

And have a good holiday!