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dc101 is going spanish?!

Last week we got an email from our PD about coming in this morning at 7.30am. It was pretty odd. Typically when there’s a big announcement it’s during the day and it’s in the conference room on the 4th floor. This time it was at the station. It was all just very peculiar.

It didn’t help that there were all these rumors going on. DC101 was going to flip to Spanish. The AM show was going to leave. We were all getting fired. A new Marketing Director was going to be announced. The rumors were flowing and everyone was getting pretty paranoid.

So I woke up early and took Frankie for a walk. And then hit it in to work.

It was 7.44am and nothing had happened. We were all sitting around in the lobby watching Lindsay Lohan on MTV. Actually that was pretty funny hearing everyone critique her.

So just a bit later we were all moved to the jock lounge were Elliot told us we weren’t flipping to Spanish. Bummer, huh? He just wanted us to have a good time today. It was a designated smoking and beer day! We had full rights to smoke and drink beer in the studio and elsewhere, at least according to Elliot. There was bacon and bagels and sausage and biscuits. Not to mention a ton of beer and orange juice. Everyone was running around smoking and drinking. It was kinda surreal. But then again there is always beer being poured on any given day, but never before 8am. So I got myself a Red Hook Winter Ale. It’s pretty good. And I think it’s my first beer before 12noon. It’s actually kinda nice as I’ve been pretty stressed lately.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

communist bake sale – live at frazier’s

communist bake sale - baltimore

See you there.

beef barley soup

Friday after work I headed out to the Super Mega Big Giant to pick up ingredients for our beef barley soup. The main problem was finding veal bones for the beef stock. We originally thought finding them at a Jewish butcher would be the best bet, but most of the butchers close early on fridays for the Sabbath. We even tried Whole Foods but they didn’t have any. The butcher just recommended buying a stock. That’s ridiculous. We make stock. We don’t need to buy no stinking stock in a can. Amateurs.

So I got all the ingredients and headed home to start the stock with Emily. Or more so, Emily started the stock with me. We also made a festive autumn pie that had pears, apples, and cranberries in them. Emily made the crust and I made the filling.

Later in the night Susie and her 3 kids came over. Mishka, Dasha and Marusya. Mishka was this cute little precocious 4 year old boy. Dasha was 9 years old and totally adorable and clingy. And Marusya was 7 months old and didn’t really do too much. We had a good time eating pizza and drinking wine and playing the cats and dog and talked about the days when Susie wrote for Pulse Magazine and hung out with the Meat Puppets in their station wagon.

Then on Saturday after more cooking Emily’s mother and boyfriend, Joe came over for her birthday dinner. We talked about the wedding and random animal happenings. It was quaint and it was nice to finally get a chance to open up the dinner table and actually sit at it and eat there. After they left we headed out to Dupont to hang out with David and Catherine for David’s birthday at a bar. It was nice but we didn’t stay long as we were fucking exhausted. I wanted to hang out longer, but our bodies were beginning to fail…