Monthly Archive for February, 2005

You Gotta Be Kidding Me With A Snowfall Like This

I think a snow flake touched me when Emily dropped me off this morning walking from the car to the door of my building. I felt overwelmed by that snowflake and I felt at any minute I would be engulfed by a sweeping monsoon of snow and would be buried for my last day on earth. I now understand why the City shuts down at thought of any sort of minute accumulation…

Seriously though. Closing schools before even a drop of snow hits the ground seems completely insane and counter productive to me. And we’re only going to get a few inches. DC, you amaze and frustrate me in these cold winter months.

PS. And what’s with sending out DDOT salt and sander trucks to lay out their goods before any accumulations have occured? You crazy.

PPS. And this is a bummer. (Jef Raskin, head of the team behind the first Macintosh computer, has died.)

Another Saturday

Last night we went to dinner with David and Catherine & Lance and his new girlie, Michelle. We went to Domku. It was a bar/cafe in Petworth DC. It was Polish food. Pretty tasty. And not African cuisine like I had though. And just next to our ‘hood. The boyfriend of the chef lives in our neighborhood so there was some stir on our listserve and that’s how we heard of it. We’re glad we did.

Anyways, today David and I went to Chuck Levin’s for David to try out some piano keyboards. It was a good thing as he was going to buy a Roland keyboard, but when he tried it out he hated the feel of it. He’s leaning towards the killer keyboard that Gordon got last Christmas. The Yamaha P120. But without the speakers, The Yamaha P90. It’s smaller and less cumbersome because it has no speakers and it’s lighter. Perfect for playing shows. It’s a little over his budget, but it’s so nice sounding and feeling.

After that we went to Target to get a stereo for the bedroom. But we ended getting a stereo for the Red Room unintentionally. It was $60. Can’t beat that. The RCA RS2035. $140 below my budget. So now I am going to get this JVC FS-S57 for the bedroom. This is what what I got for the Red Room:

So it’s kinda cheesy retro looking, but it works in this room. Definately not for the bedroom. I want something more hi-fi for the bedroom. The JVC will do perfectly. Someday I’ll build the tube amps in every room.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to go to Lara’s place to watch the Oscars.

The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter With Bread Box

Connie Field, The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter

1/30 sec.