Monthly Archive for March, 2005

2 degrees away from Johnny Herndon

Last night was fun. After work we headed over to Georgetown to the Paper Source to look for paper for our wedding invitations. We decided that we’re going to get the invitation letterpress printed. It just looks so much better. But of course it’s more than twice the price. But for an event like this, it’s well worth it even if only one person notices besides us. And the rest of the stuff we’ll make ourselves.

After the paper store we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. Keep in mind this is Georgetown, so it’s basically just normal Asian food. But it was good and totally brought my blood/sugar level back to normal. The Phở was good. Not like it is in Wheaton, but it was still pretty good.

And we left Frankie out of the crate the whole time. She did great. She’s amazing. She’s superdog.

And today I got a note on Friendster that my old friend is DJing with Johnny Machine tonight. I almost shit my pants. I am 2 degrees away from Johnny Machine! And it turns out Johnny’s wife and my friend are business parters, so they see each other all the time. Why can’t I be in Chicago tonight?

Elysium Mons is the new Olympus Mons

I admit it, I never felt completely OK with SilenceIsSoAccurate dot com as a domain for my Journal and Message Boards. So that domain is now designated for my event photos… Consider it done.

ElysiumMons dot com is the domain for my newly designed Journal. If you are wondering, it’s yet another mountain on Mars. I really wanted to keep that theme. EM is the new OM. We can pretent SisA never existed for my Journal.

Please enjoy and contact me with any questions, concerns or love letters.

Terri Schiavo – We Just Want More Michael Jackson

I feel as if I want to write something really profound and heartfelt here about Terri Schiavo. But I am repulsed by the media frenzy and the involvement with the American Government. For chrissakes, let her freaking go in peace. Actually I am not too compelled to write much about it. I’ll spare you. I just want it to be over. For her sake. I’d never want to live like that. Plus, she’s totally taking away the spotlight from the Michael Jackson case.

And what the hell is the deal with the people handing out the Washington Post Express at the Metro. It’s like you are completely accosted when you come out of the Metro with those people. At least give away candy or something.