Monthly Archive for April, 2005

Curtains Are Better Late Than Never

Anthropologie Curtains

Well it’s only been about 9 months since we moved in to our new home, but Emily finally found the perfect curtains for our bedroom. And I was just starting to get used to all the daylight in the morning. They are called Ethnic Scribble Curtains and are by Anthropologie. I like them, a lot. And sometimes I really like Anthropologie.

CSS2 + IE6 = Kill Me

…I am of the belief:

width: expression(Math.min(parseInt(this.offsetWidth), 330 ) + "px");
is dumbed down IE5+ talk for when normal CSS2 calls for simply:

max-width: 334px;

I am the CSS2 master! Kinda. Actually Eric is. What do I know?!

Bush says, “What Happened to Santa?”

Bush Santa Pope

The funny, yet alarming aspect is that I could honestly imagine Bush Jr. seriously saying that.