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I Hear The Drums Echoing Tonight

For our honeymoon, not only are we going to Spain and Portugal, but we are going to Morocco. That means two continents. One being in Africa. Northern Africa to be more precise. If I am going to be around wild animals they say I should get a rabies shot. But hell, there are wild animals all over DC and I haven’t received a shot. They also say I need a Hepatitis B shot if I am going to get frisky with the locals. Typhoid is also recommended for developing countries, but according to the Department of State aren’t all countries that are not the United States, developing. Heck. It’s us verses them. You are either with us or against us. Ride ’em cowboy. Buy back to typhoid. I think I should try that one out. Everyone on the Oregon Trail seemed to croak from that, so better safe than dead. Speaking of which, I think I need to stop at the next general store and get some bullets. It’s deer hunting season.

So other than the Hepatitis A shot, I should probably get a booster for my tetanus, measles, and polio, if I haven’t already. But then again I kind of want to get the Hep B shot, just to have option of small talk with the doctor. “Hey Doc, you ever have any patients that could recommend some locals to get frisky with, I am getting my Hep B shot. Might as well drink the water, so to speak. (Nudge nudge.) – Heck, have you been over there? Maybe you could make some personal recommendations.”

And you are sure as shit that the moment I touch down on the soil of Africa, I’ll be singing Toto’s song. I bless the rains down in Africa. Oh yeah! I should be a true American and wear cowboy boots. Actually I should wear cowboy boots anyways.

Sister Xtian

Jessica says: I’m sista xtian

mat says: What is that song really about? let’s examine it.

[Insert way too many lines actually dissecting and interpreting the lyrics to “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger. Mat of course misinterprets it and Jessica is right on. Way too long a conversation.]

Jessica says:
who’s a smarty pants?

Jessica says:
i’s a smarty pants!

mat says:
man… I always thought that song was about driving!


It’s Time For Chocolate Pudding

Emily, My Future Wife.

My soon-to-be wife, Emily. Yessiree bob. PS. I love your new glasses, Em.