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DC Metro Rule #98

#98: When it’s 98° F above ground, the air conditioning on the Metro you take back from getting a haircut around Farragut West at 2pm must be operational. I repeat, MUST be operational. This is imperative as well as crucial to survival in DC in late July when on the Metro.

If the said air conditioning is out of order, you have permission to incite a hissy-fit and/or a temper tantrum.

Rightfully dubbed Rule #98.

My Mouth is Acid

I find it a little disturbing when I finish lunch and notice that part of my plastic fork is missing. Did it start out that way or was I hungrier than I thought?

Get Down To The Real Nitty Gritty

mat says: this is pretty funky (listening to loleatta holloway – love sensation on XM)

mat says: woah! did c&c music factory sample this woman?!

nubian queen says: that’s marky mark

mat says: right

nubian queen says: good vibrations

mat says: oops, heh.

nubian queen says: no prob

nubian queen says: it’s between us, dude