Monthly Archive for March, 2006

We Use Allegedly Loosely


Emily to Mat: “We sure have put up a lot of curtains…”

Mat to Emily: “Yeah.”

Ideally and/or allegedly this is the last time we are putting up new curtains. There, I said it. Ok, I probably just lied a bit. But I really like the David Byrne approach to curtains, it simply makes sense to me. And the middle white linen curtain was my idea. I can’t take credit for much else. But I can for my kick-ass new picture frame with Prince in it. It makes a lot of sense to me, as well.

And this day should go in the history books. We went to a Lowes and had a pleasant experience. There was a guy that showed us blades to get to cut concrete and drill bits to get for drilling in to brick. There is a god. His name is Regis. And his last name sure ain’t Philbin. I guess you have to #1 Find a time to get to the Gaithersburg store during the week during the day and #2 Find an older guy or gal who isn’t a high schooler that knows next to nothing and isn’t good for more than sucking oxygen.

People at hardware stores who know stuff are next to godly. I speak the truth, yo.

Have a good weekend!

Lockdown on Lost Lastnight


Did anybody else get shivers when they saw this map last night on LOST? I am not sure the significance at this point, but it appears to be huge.

Thoughts right now on the show:

  • Emily is right. Sawyer’s one-liners are getting old. This character needs some development. Like, for real.
  • Hurley better not die. He’s the only genuinely likable character on the show. We need you Hurley!
  • Dr. Jack and Kate really should just do it already. They need to breed like a family of mormons.
  • The woman Locke was performing the home inspection for was none other than Sayid’s lover Nadia – Thanks Eric for the link!
  • We need more Emilie de Ravin
  • What happened to Michael? Not to mention his son? Is he being written off the show out of forgetfulness?

Britney Spears’ Pootie

Most (not all) anti-choicers are hypocrites and are usually (let me reiterate, usually) less than capable of intelligence when one only spews out lame and antiquated bible verses. Sorry, in this day and age, Jeh-heeeeeeeesus doesn’t cut it in the real world. But I have to tell you that this sculpture is amazing:

Britney Spears new scupture - sg2883.jpg
It’s titled: Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston
Truly breathtaking. Does anyone else want to see the walnut popping out the pootie? And why are we also getting cheated with this PG view. Jesus would not be happy that we are sad about this. Damn the man.

My only serious problem is #1. Anti-choicers. Duh. and (ok, I lied) #2. What’s up with the tiger? Is this Siegfried and Roy?