Monthly Archive for July, 2006

Mat Ironing The Bed

Mat ironing the bed, because Emily is crazy and he indulges her.

Inter-Office Memos

An actual email conversation with a fellow employee of my employer talking about how we’ve done nothing all day but talk about beers:

Her: I consider it multi-tasking. This is obviously work related. We can do a section about beers on the website.

Me: I could review a new beer every month… Mat’s Concentrance Beer of the Month Club! And we can give it a fancy acronym like MCBMC to make it all gov’t-like

Her: Mat’s Concentrance Beer of the Month Review sounds more professional than club I think. MCBMR. I just said both acronyms out loud. Both have a lot of potential. I have a meeting with xxx and xxxx in a couple of hours. I’ll run it by them. But xxxx already thinks I’m an alcoholic cause I try to organize happy hours.. so I’m not sure how asking for a monthly beer review would go over.

Me: xxxx is a progressive woman… Anything is possible.

Her: xxx is Irish.. he might appreciate the reviews. You can write a review just for fun. I can put them through an interoffice memo.

Holy shit. I can’t believe she actually used “Interoffice Memo” in a sentence. That’s worth either 1 red stapler or 1 day off. I think I would aim for the stapler.

Water Towers In Duluth, Minnesota

watertowersinduluth.jpg1/60 sec.