Monthly Archive for October, 2006

Mall Walkers Club

I totally think we should join the Mall Walkers Club at Towson Town Center. -Emily

Those words just mentally made me throw up in my head a little bit. Of course I knew she was kidding, but still. I think we just had a moment at 8.55 in the morning.

It’s time to go the library to get our library cards and meet David O for lunch after his business meeting with Bob.

RIP Randy Kaye

Not too many people know who Randy Kaye was. He was many things, however. He also signed Soul Coughing to Warner Bros/Slash.

He passed away this past friday at his home. He was way too young to have died.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Randy in 1997 at RFK Stadium when Soul Coughing was playing the side stage of the HFStival. This was only moments after I was deep throat tongue kissed by Gentleman Jim. It was a wonderful day on many levels but meeting this legendary man was quite the highlight.

I know many people will miss this man very much.

Turtle Keeping His Pimp Hand Strong

Enough said, yo. Danke, Feetnik.

PS. The audio at 1.15 is to die for. ET’s got nothing on this bitch.