Monthly Archive for November, 2006

My Poor Lost Green Nalgene Water Bottle

I was reading The Expectant Father while listening to Funkadelic’s Free Your Mind…And Your Ass Will Follow this morning on the MARC train to DC. I was getting so excited about being a Father as the train pulled up to Union Station that I forgot my Nalgene Moss Green 32oz water bottle. I am sad. But since I did it for the baby, I guess it’s ok. I had to bring myself to buy a $1.25 bottle of (gasp) Aquafina water.

I did it all for the baby. C’mon. The baby. C’mon. So you can take that cookie. And stick it up your, yeah!

Emily And The Splinter On Her Butt

Like most of the homes we’ve lived in, we have hardwood flooring in the new house. There are quite a few splinters we’ve found as it’s so old and could use a good sanding. We both know to wear shoes or slippers while in the house walking around as you never know if you could get a splinter. While I was out shopping for food for having JG and Al over last night Emily was unpacking and tidying up. She happened to be on the floor and was sliding around.

I came home her to her screaming, “I HAVE A SPLINTER ON MY BUTT! You have to get it out!”

I have to get it out?!”

So the next 30-45 minutes was spent hot compressing and working the splinter out while she laid tummy-town on the bed. I actually has to sterilize many utensils. I even had to cut about 1 mm of skin back to pull out a rather large splinter. It was about 1-2 cm long and about 1-2 mm wide at it’s widest. I was amazed I even got this sucker out. Luckily there was little bleeding and it has been healing nicely.

Since my vows to Emily included getting milk for her late at night, I think I will have to update them to include pulling large splinters off of her butt.

Now that’s love.



Emily snapped a camera phone shot of Frankie sleeping next to me after Thanksgiving dinner and I thought it was pretty darn cute.