Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Law & Scooby

Has anyone else noticed that the last 3 minutes of a Law & Order episode is remarkably similar to that of the last 30 seconds of a Scooby Doo episode? It’s really uncanny.

In other news I was up at 4.30am this morning to let Feetnik out so she could catch the shuttle to BWI. I then tried to go back to sleep for an hour before I would have to get up again to get to the train station to go to DC. My latin teacher from high school once said that if you don’t get to see the sun rise, there is little to live for that day. While I don’t fully agree with that sentiment, after seeing the sun rise by train, it sure seems to make more sense.

What’s Your STC?

This past week and last has been spent almost entirely on the acoustics and design of the studio. It’s incredible how quickly Emily can learn. She’s a sponge. She’s learned almost everything I’ve learned over the past 15 years in a few days. Sure she’s learned it in a text book manner and has a narrow practical application. But I take that back. She did take sound classes in college. Tell me your wife knows the acoustical properties of a contact mic?! But it still ceases to amaze me. She’s like the Prince of processing and interpreting information. We’re a perfect team. Perfect.

But I do have to say, we are getting there. We’re so close to breaking ground. (Thanks Al for helping us move a lot of the gear to the 2nd floor.) We had an initial design where we had the actual studio (where the musicians/artists play) in the middle room what was more square. And the control room would be west of that. The main problem with that design was that the control room would have been in a room with a depth of about 9 feet. So after talking with John Sayers and a bunch of our studio and engineer friends, we decided (like we had originally thought at day one) using the middle, more square room as the control room where the depth would be more reasonable at about 12 feet, including our built out double walls and acoustical treatments. So yes, it does suck and it’s mildly frustrating to go back to square one, but it’s better to do this now than 6 months from now after we’re bringing in clients.

And as they say: “STC on in to the future!”

Pussy Power

Sometimes those pussies really can be cute. Usually this happens when they are not awake nor close to me. There you go.