Monthly Archive for May, 2007

Is This News?

Tonight we were flipping through the endless (or rather not so endless) channels on our television set while eating a late dinner.

We came across the news on My20 WDCA which airs Fox News. There was a “news” piece on how there are confessional websites our there in the interweb. One of the final quotes was a statistic:

50% of the people who use these websites are women.

It’s amazing someone can even say this, let alone a so-called professional news team. Is this even news?!

I am disgusted.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey

I decided a while back I wanted to start drinking hard liquor. I was talking to David about this last night while waiting for our table at Hampden’s Holy Frijoles!. We were out celebrating with them settling on their cute new home in Hampden. I wasn’t sure if he thought I was crazy or he just didn’t really take in what I was talking about. I am moving forward anyways!

So it seems everyone drinks beer and after that movie, wine was popular for many. And it seems that many people drink hard liquor, except me. I’ve never really had a favorite nor have I tried many. Occasionally I would drink a shot of Jim Beam in college when I got sick. Maybe it just cleared the lining of tobacco smoke goo going down my throat/lungs – I don’t know. But it sure felt better afterwards.

We have a pretty well-stocked liquor cabinet, so at the crack of 3 o’clock today, I decided to start my quest to find my “drink”. I started with a Devo glass filled with 4 standard ice-cubes and a shot of Loretto, Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey. I liked it. It was strong. Sorta syrupy with a hint of sweetness with a tangy aftertaste and a moderate burn down the drink chute. The aftertaste disappeared before my next sip. It’s wasn’t too bad. In fact, I sort of enjoyed it!

Tomorrow, I am planning on trying Jack Daniels. I am aiming for the same bat-time.

Baby Update

First off, thanks for all the calls and emails…

It’s amazing our friends and family remembered Emily’s due date. People surprise us everyday. Or rather, our friends and family really make us feel warm and gooey inside.

Sadly there is no baby yet. Em was due this past Saturday. But since only 4% of babies are actually born on their due date, like most, this baby will be late. We’re getting pretty anxious, but it’s definitely an excited anxious. Most of the other couples from our birthing class have had their baby, so it should be our turn now! Ok. It’s just us being impatient. There. I said it. Emily is kicking ass and has had a great pregnancy. She’s also been making a lot of smoothies (They are yummy, yo.) and I have been going up and down the stairs ~21.7 times per day. My thighs are ripped. But she’s the superstar. No doubt.

The baby is kicking up a storm. When we sit next to each other it totally nudges me when I lean up on Em. Sometimes it will kick back if I push on the belly. Emily says that she can hear it burping. But I am not sure if I believe her. Remember, this is the girl who frequently takes hours to realize her underwear is on backwards (and inside-out).

Just to clear up some myths:

  1. We do not know the gender. We decided not to find out in the 2 sonograms we had. We feel it’s the last surprise of life. Not to mention receiving only pink or baby blue clothes made us a little queasy.
  2. We have two names picked out. One for a boy and one for a girl. You’ll find out when it is born.

When we saw the Midwife last week she was thinking thinking sometime later this week. Bebe is already in the correct position, so it only needs to fully drop and we’ll be good to go! We have our weekly appointment Wednesday and we could know more then. But really, we’ll only know when it happens! And you’ll be the first to know.

Thanks for playing. And feel free to keep calling the hotline. We love you and your persistence!