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We’re Reverends

In preparation for marrying our friends Eric and Erika this fall, Emily and I were just legally ordained as Ministers of the Universal Life Chuch.

That’s right. No more “Mr.” and “Ms.” It’s Reverend for both of us. Please update your address books accordingly.

1973 Blue Ludwig Vistalites

Ever since watching Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same, as a teenager, I’ve had the desire to own a set of Vistalites. The large, full and round sounds of the Vistalites are so distinguishable and coveted. Yesterday my dream came true. My friend Christopher was selling his kit that is in mint condition with all original hardware. So a few hundred dollars later, I (rather the studio) am the new proud owner of these killer drums. Thanks for letting me live the dream, Christopher.

Vistalite 1

Vistalite 2


Congrats are in order for Al & JG’s engagement and Feetnik’s upgrade in the workforce. All hail the new king in town!