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Mons at Sputnik

I will be playing as MONS with David R. this Thursday at Sputnik, in Annapolis. Perhaps my first (and only?!) live performance.

There will be a 50th Anniversary Celebration for the launch of Russia’s Sputnik satellite. There are rumors that the Ambassador of Russia and members of NASA will be there. It should be a sight to see!

Regardless of the performance, the “cafe” is incredible. Their beer and wine list is impeccable and adventurous and their food is more amazing than most. Not to mention the sick atmosphere. Hope to see you!

From their site:

October 4th, Thursday 6pm to 10pm

The Sputnik Cafe will be hosting a Sputnik Launch Party to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Space Age. The event will be a formal cocktail party featuring classic cocktails like the Moscow Mule, The Communist and of course the Sputnik Cocktail. Attire will be Russian Red.

Cost $50 per person

Open Bar including classic cocktails, wine and beer influenced from behind the Iron Curtain

Passed Hor’dourves from Chefs Bill and Karl

Entertainment, fun and just one splendid and grand event.

Orange (Purple) You Cute

My Gimpy Toe

My Gimpy Toe

So it happened. I finally broke a bone. Only took 30 years. It was my left pinky toe. I was a klutz and was walking by a chair and nipped it on the leg. My toe bent out at 90 degrees. It was a sight. And quickly started to hurt like a bitch. Many f-bombs were dropped.

Dad took me to the ER. Em, Lily and I were at the vacation house in Rockville. It was an Adventist hospital. Hell yeah. I [heart] the Adventist hospistals.

They saw me very quickly. The receptionist had the time to comment on my tattoo. Thanks for noticing. The doc was awesome. Numbed my toe like a champ and reset the fractured bone. The pain was completely managable. Nothing like the movies.

I am seeing a othopedic specialist later today. And I might get one pin. And I hope to get the “boot” so I don’t need crutches.

Regardless, I totally have taken my feet for granted. Going to the bathroom totally wears me out. And it’s like 10 feet from the couch. Oh and I have mad cabin fever. Help me. Please.

Oh, and I have been pain killer free since post-dinner time last night. They gave me vicodin. But I barely need the advil. It’s painful, but it’s not unbearable, and for some reason I feel like I will heal faster with out the side-effect ridden pills. And my goal is to heal faster so I can put my baby to sleep and walk my dog.

UPDATE:  I saw the Podiatrist yesterday that was recommended to me by a family friend. He hooked me up with some mad painful, in the nerve, novocaine, but it totally and amazingly numbed my toe to all hell. And he re-set the toe again. This time, rather violently yet perfectly. He was awesome. I can’t recommend this doc enough. He gave me 4 options and he explained everything all the way through. He also recommended NOT taking the vicodin unless absolutely necessary. Now what doc actually recommends not taking a drug? There ya go! Good doc. And I got the spaceboot, like I had wanted and like Elle (get better soon Elle), but I still need to keep off the foot for a week with crutches. I have an appointment with Doc-Awesome in two weeks and we’ll take it from there, but he’s optimistic it should be healed then.