Love that Chicken from Popeyes.

The Plan. Yes The Plan. I hadn’t been to a show in a while. It’s good to see shows. I got to go to Fort Reno after work. (wow, i said “after work”—strange) Fort Reno is a pretty park in DC (and the highest elevated point in DC as well) and each summer, for the past 30 years, local DC bands have played there. To name a few of the stars: Fugazi, Trans Am, Make*Up, Golden, Rondelles, etc. Tonight was The Dismemberment Plan. They were fabulous! Much energy, and keyboards on some songs too. Very tasty keyboards I may add. I highly recommend them. I had only really heard their first two 7″s. After that I had only heard snippets and was never too impressed. But, for real, they are terrific now! Go to Tower or whatever record retailer you prefer and pick one Dismemberment Plan CD up! Do it, like Judas Preist.

Lamproltelis Doliata Syspila

Music in CD Changer: Tortoise, Beatles (circa 1966), Cure (circa old), Portishead, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Dub Narcotic vs JSBX (props to karin- cos she called me!)

It is Day Three for Mat in the work force. It’s going a-ok. My plan is getting to work early, having a quick lunch and getting out of there early to beat rush-hour congestion and traffic. I wonder how long i will be counting? Eh, prolly up until 6, then i can’t count any higher. Anyways…i had yet another standard meeting. It was for e-commerce peeps today. So our peeps had a conference with the wharehouse peeps in Kentucky. We did one of those weirdo conference calls with this cool little device they had in the middle of the table. Very hi-tech. And quite efficient.

Other than screwing up my parking yet again at White Flint’s metro stop all is cool. I’ll get it tomorrow! (Dismemberment Plan tomorrow at Fort Reno in DC, for freeeeeee! Yeah!) Damn public transportation! But I sure do like my classic rock radio in the morning driving to the metro!

What is up with the Discovery Channel? Why do they rock so hard? It is very cool and really makes sense to me, but each office gets their own TV and VCR with cable, not to mention ample amounts of staples and omni-roll pens. Office supplies are the bestest! It’s great…isn’t it swell working for a huge media conglomerate?!?! I almost work for the man. Sarcasm? Nah…

And those of you who care: I have decided to resign as a DJ for Soul Coughing Radio. There was just no conceivable way i could fit it in to my schedule. Blah, blah, blah, err-ah, err-ah.

Life for Dummies

Well I survived my first day at the Discovery Channel…(and got taken out for lunch!)

Needless to say it was not perfect. But damn close! Not being all that used to getting up before 10am, let alone getting to DC before noon, I got to the Metro (as the local Washingtonian’s call the subway) parking lot and parked my car in my normal spot by the parking meter. Little did i know that there were a couple spots that had a: NO PARKING 7am – 9am sign above it…it was early…i didnt see…i owe the state of Maryland $30.00 in US Currency. I should take off the $3 in quarters i used for the damn meter! Maybe i’ll cover my check and ticket in honey…that would show them!

Regardless all is cool…i am excited to get some really fun work done…i am going to be working with Discovery Health E-Commerce as a Web Producer. Primarily working with the Production Director, who is really really super nice! The project is scheduled to be launched really soon too!

Hope all is swell with you…I appologize in advance for the breif-ness of my emails and the such.

Be excellent to each other. – Bill and Ted