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then you can play “vlad the impaler” with the content

christy_20 (12k image)Stuff going on in Mat’s life::

-Spend all last night puking
-Not sure what the hell is wrong with me
-Hopefully it’s just a fluke
-I hate puking more than life itself
-Bush can suck my asshole after mad poohing
-His policy on “taking care” of Nuclear Waste is ass-backwards
-Becca’s father passed away
-I visited her and her family the other day
-Jesse Bartz, an old high school friend emailed me
-Kinda weird since i havent see him in almost 10 years
-But also kinda cool
-Grand Theft Auto III for P2 is killer kool
-Daniel IMed me killer cool news
-It will happen in September or October
-DC is the place, man, even for southerners!
-I will be on vacation next week
-I dont know what i will be doing
-I do know i wont be listening to the radio
-And i wont be touching a computer often
-Happy Birthday Lara Dua
-I miss Emily
-It’s time to make buttons with her