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Freak Scene Just Can’t Believe Us

Last night was Dinosaur Jr. As crowded as it was, I found Candy and Al in the craziness of 9:30 Club. Al was right there as soon as I got my beer stamp walking through the lobby. Like pennies from heaven, or something. Then we found Candy. It was nice to see them both. Al’s review pretty much summed up my sentiments sans all the stuff about the reissues.

However, it was quite the blast from the past.

Many of nights were spent listening to Bug and Green Mind over at Jessie Belle’s house. Man o’ man. High School was forever ago.

It was my sophomore year in high school. I was taking some basic art class like Enid in Ghost World. Ms. Yin was my teacher. She was kinda like the receptionist at Dr. Bupernex’s office in Gift. Some cute girl in that class that sat at my table and smoked pot said this band she knew of sounded like Jane’s Addiction. Dinosaur Jr. was the name. Man my water colors were awful. Turned out there was this great song called Green Mind at the end of the record. It was also the title of the album. I fell in love with the acoustic guitars that bled over the distorted guitars in the chorus. And the music. And the music. And the music. It was 1992.

year 2000 non-compliant cardia

noell and zut...yup.Soundtrack of the day: The Who’s live at leeds, the Dirty Three’s ocean songs, Mogwai’s come on die young, God Speed You Black Emporer’s Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (over and over and over again, Pete Yorn’s Live at the Roxy.

Today was a cool day, i guess. I didnt really sleep in as much as needed, cos i had to drop my car off at the gas station to get fixed. It was leaking some funky stuff. So after that, I went to Tower cos I promised myself that I would get The Who’s live at leeds. And I did. And it’s wonderful. Then I went to work for a little bit to catch up on some junx that got missed throughout the week. Fun fun. we dont get fooled again

I sorta forget what happened then. But Becca showed up at my door and we headed to the 930 Club. It was kinda weird, cos she asked me how to get there. Just an odd observation. So originally I was going to go to dinner with Karin, but it turned out the show started at 6pm. So I had to bail on Karin. I felt bad, but Becca had to see Si Se. So we got there around 6.30 or so and got a beer and chilled in the basement part. I never really chilled there much but it was mega cool. Then Si Se came on. I was pretty apprehensive as I am with many bands that i hear of 2nd hand. But in fact I was very blown away with them. Mega awesome vocals. I wanted to just touch her belly all day. And the percussion dude was splendid. What’s up with them anyways? They get all the toys. Lucky sons of bitches. So that was that. I am definately going to have to buy the CD. It was that good. Then after their set, the singer was on the side of the stage and Becca transformed in to “THAT GIRL” – It was really cute and she got the singers autograph and the singer gave Becca a hug. I think the singer really liked it. It was pretty nifty. Then David Byrne came on. I’ve meant to see him for ages. I remember when all my friends from college in TN went to see him in Nashville, and I didnt go. They talked about the show for weeks after it. I kicked myself for not going. So i finally got to see it. He even played two Talking Heads songs. That made my night. …and the days go by – We didnt stay for the whole time, cos I got pretty hungry. I got enough though.

We then went to the Tastee diner. There were these really annoying little boys to the left of us. They talked a lot about DSL. I wanted to punch them. I should have. Nice goatee, asshole! I cant believe I ever had a goatee. They are pretty silly. After that we kinda took the long way back and listened to a lot of TOOL. Then I drove to GOD SPEED YOU BLACK EMPOROR for the whole 2 disc set. It was mega relaxing. I really needed it. Time for bed, i am exhausted.

i want you to say my name again

pete yorn loves OP and i find it bizzare how Zut is getting in to Pete...more just synergistic or something hippie like thatYesterday was pretty much Pete Yorn day. Pete came in to work. I hadnt seen him since April when he played his acoustic geetar in our conference room while we ate lunch. Since then his CD was released and he has been on M2. It’s nice seeing these up and coming bands sorta make it. And it’s even better when you really believe in them and think they make good music. So yesterday morning Pete was on the morning show. After the 1st song he was dumbfounded on what song to play. I suggested “Track 6” – That was, by far, my most favorite song on the CD. For Nancy it was. During the commercial break he worked on his voice, cos it didnt seem like he had ever done this song acoustically. But after a few phlegm coughs he got it right where he needed it. And he did that song for me. How cool. Nice guy. After the set we took some pictures and me and him talked about his work with Ken Andrews (Failure). And we talked about the old bassist that co-produced his CD that came last time. He signed my CD as well. I have never been much of an autograph person, but I think I should take advantage of all the cool people that come through. Blah blah.

So the rest of the day was a blur. I think I hung out with the part timers a little. Then I set up what needed to be done today on my day off for Laura who is doing my job today. Around 5.15 me and two part-timers made our trek in the station van. It’s so Scooby Doo. We stopped off at Subway, cos that place rocks. We finally made our way down there and it was maybe 6.15pm. There were already people lined up! What the hell. This dude played our conference room 4 months ago. No one who plays our conference room ever has people lined up 2 hours before the show starts! Bizzare. I met up with the label rep there to see if she hooked me up with a photo pass. It turned out he didnt have a policy, so i was set. Then we ditch her, so we walk around a little. We get a lot of hecklers yelling, “Whitey!” I love it. Then we were hanging outside a nightclub (Not 930) and this dude brings us in. He shows us around and offers us drinks. It was this super old jazz club from the 20s. It was like a cave in the basement. Fucking beautiful. So weird and bizzare for this man to be doing this to us white-folk. Then we left and the homeless man that accosted us on the way there accosted us again. He talked about Black and White people being homeless. Not sure what he was getting at. But asked for 26cents. I dont ever give homeless people money, but for some reason after he spanked my ass I thought I might as well. Then he asked me to recipricate and spank his ass. Cos I love North East DC.

They let us in around 7.30 i think. Me and the part timers all had a beer and gossiped heavily about the people we worked with. Among other things. It was funny to get the perspective from their heads. I liked it. I liberally confessed about my crush on the part-timers. People there are too paranoid about that stuff…what’s the big deal. I got nothing to hide right?! Ha! So the show was really good. OURS opened up. They were very boring to watch and the singer sang facetto way too much. Nice leather pants though. Ha! Otherwise they had some really good drawn out jammy parts. Seemed a little too pansy-ass-smiths to me though. I was there to see Pete Yorn regardless. So Pete Rocked. He started out with a Bruce cover called “Racing in the Streets” God i love Bruce and better yet, I love when people recognize him with a nice cover song. What a better song as well. The show was great, it was basically the same as the CD as far as songs go. He did add one “special” song in there for us. The encore was weird, cos they were all slower type songs. I’d usually mix it up a bit. But I think this is his first big tour. He’ll learn. Ha! He was much more animated than he was back in April. I liked it a lot. His keyboard guy was cool too even though I had no clue it was a guy until he announced his name as “Joe” or something. I dont think I like the new bassist though. The other one fit better. Maybe it was the week long scruff. It was cool however to see that place packed for a relatively unknown artist. God the power of MTV makes me ill sometimes. But at least it’s being used for good this time.

Today is my day off. I get to do errands. Getting a bank account for OM Records. Going to target to get some polaroids. Going to the post office to main Brian some long overdue MONS CDs. Going to work on my artwork. I need some people who are graphic designers who want to help me with my artwork and who can invest the time. If you know anyone, please send me shit you’ve done! Rock on.

Maybe it’s your week long scruff.