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Mat From The Future®

Laundro: dude, today is the 3rd – what day is it there in California?
NoRobot: it is the 2nd!
Laundro: you know what that means?
NoRobot: you are mat. of the future.
Laundro: it also means, I AM THE FUTURE!

So you know what the above really means? It means I had 3 beers tonight with David in Chinatown. We went to a bar that actually ended up being part of the Brickskeller. So needless to say, the beers were excellent and highly alcoholic and tasty. Strangely, an old friend from DC101 who left years ago was there. It was neat catching up with her. I hope to see her again soon! And, as always, it’s great hanging out with David and catching up with life. It’s almost like therapy.

In other news I might head to Baltimore tomorrow with David. And tomorrow night, Feetnik, Gordon, Emily and I will be seeing a Gay Men’s Chorus of DC. Yay!

I also hear two low pressure systems are on their way through DC! Which means wet snow and sleet and maybe some rain. The good stuff is in #2. They are saying for this second low pressure system that should be coming through on Sunday will be pretty huge. Like a snow storm. Which in DC could equate to a drizzle of rain. Bob Ryan has let me down way too many times. Topper Shutt is my new man. And it would be unfair to not give shout outs to the slow and steady NOAA’s National Weather Service. They kick arse. Check out their maps! But in all honesty, I seriously hope we get significantly more than a drizzle.

Oh yeah, and I bet you dollars to donuts that Montgomery County Public Schools will announce on Saturday that schools are closed on Monday. Friggin’ pussies.

David’s iPod – Guilt Free Insanity

David says: hey I have an unrelated question:

David says: do you think my amp takes up a lot of power if I just have it on at low volume and playing my ipod through it?

David says: I’ve been using it as a stereo, but wondering if I’m just sapping a bunch of energy by doing that.

mat says: how so? what are you worried about? a high electricity bill?

David says: yeah.

mat says: hehe.

David says: Just wonder if it uses more energy than a normal stereo.

mat says: using a hair dryer for 10 seonds uses more power than your amp for 2 hours (not precisely, but you get the idea)

David says: ahh.

mat says: it might use a bit of energy more than your normal stereo but it depends on your stereo

David says: yeah.

mat says: also can depend on how loud it is and for how long

David says: you think volume is a factor then?

mat says: i could do the math to compare your amp to your stereo if you want

David says: he he.

David says: no that’s okay.

David says: So I shouldn’t feel guilty, anyway, for using it in my bedroom as a stereo?

mat says: not at all

mat says: your are so funny

mat says: you really need to get out!

David says: LOL

David says: I know. See the things that cloud my mind!!!!

mat says: that’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

David says: It’s a wonder I get anything done.

mat says: i love it

David says: now I’ve got my iPod playing again. Guilt free!

I Am The Lizard King

nubian queen says: i would like to see paris

nubian queen says: something romantic but by myself

nubian queen says: kinda anti-romance

nubian queen says: i dig irony

nubian queen says: that’s my jam

mat says: hang out with Val Kilmer

nubian queen says: ?

mat says: you know the singer from the Doors

nubian queen says: yes

mat says: isnt Val buried there?

nubian queen says: Jim Morrison is there

nubian queen says: yes

mat says: ooooh, that’s right, Jim played Val in that movie they did on the Doors

nubian queen says: are you fucking with me?

nubian queen says: haha

nubian queen says: Val Kilmer is totally still alive

nubian queen says: and his mole is too

mat says: no way man, didnt you see the movie?

mat says: Val died at the end, right?

mat says: Jim morrison has been in some movies since then

mat says: so I assume he’s still alive

nubian queen says: you are fucking with me!

mat says: you know the night divides the day

nubian queen says: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

nubian queen says: i am the lizard king!