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Don’t You Want Me by The Human League

nubian queen says: yeeeeeeeeeees!

mat says: UM!

mat says: YES!


Round And Round

An actual converstation between Emily and me.

Emily: Ooga booga.
Mat: wooo wooo wooo heh heh hee
Emily: ahhhhoooyoooga
Mat: cheri chun chum boingoooooo
Emily: Oingo boingo
Mat: zappa nappa crappa
Emily: Winga dinga ding dong

the chocolate filling spreads too many viruses

Lilfeetnik: what’s up?
mat: not too much
mat: working. it’s kinda slow
mat: it’s cool though, cos i am hung over
Lilfeetnik: that’s what it’s like for me too
Lilfeetnik: except i’m not hungover
Lilfeetnik: ha!
mat: nice!
Lilfeetnik: i probably will be this weekend.
Lilfeetnik: we’re going out for vanessa’s birthday.
Lilfeetnik: i hope we sing karaoke.
Lilfeetnik: i’ve got the jones.
mat: nice!
mat: hehehe
Lilfeetnik: to sing neil diamond, no less!
Lilfeetnik: i so wanted to call you when it came on.
Lilfeetnik: and sing on the voice mail
mat: but of course!
mat: i love it!
Lilfeetnik: i think i laughed the whole way through.
Lilfeetnik: 🙂
mat: 😉
mat: i cant wait!
Lilfeetnik: for what?
mat: neil diamond!
Lilfeetnik: he’s coming there?
mat: naw, but he should!
mat: i told you i was hungover!
Lilfeetnik: yeah.
Lilfeetnik: i just didn’t know HOW hungover.
Lilfeetnik: damn.
Lilfeetnik: you know what i want?
Lilfeetnik: a doughnut.
mat: i just had two
Lilfeetnik: eff you!
mat: glazed and jelly filled!
mat: i can email you the other jelly filled one
Lilfeetnik: i like cream filled.
Lilfeetnik: with chocolate icing.
mat: yum!
Lilfeetnik: damn, i need a doughnut!
mat: i cant email those however
Lilfeetnik: 🙁
Lilfeetnik: boo!
mat: the chocolate filling spreads too many viruses