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Dog Days by Ana Marie Cox

Last night after work David O. and I headed out to the National Press Club near Metro Center. We were going there to see Ana Marie Cox speak pimp her new book, Dog Days. She’s pretty well known here in DC for her political blog called Wonkette. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone outside of the Beltway knew of her. Regardless it was refreshing hearing her speak about DC and blogging and what not and slowly watching her out of her shy cocoon. Once she got started she was pretty relaxed and the more than half-filled conference room sat quietly while she answered with clever wit some pretty interesting questions.

She read a few passages from her book and it was surprisingly interesting. I pretty much pooh-pooh’d her book, initially. A blogger writing a book?! Ha! And since her book basically takes place here in DC with mentions of recognizable landmarks, a la Local 16 and other familiar stomping grounds, it was something I could relate to and attracted me.

What really disappointed me was that upon talking more with David about how Wonkette, as a product, was structured really disappointed me. I mean having a blog or journal franchise makes sense in theory, but it was just a bummer, to me. It’s like a money-making machine. I am all for making a dime (Dooce, I think you really need to lay off the abundance of skyscraper ads. It’s simply tacky now.), but I guess I just have to come to terms that there are some seriously good writers out there and they happen to do their thing on their website. Why shouldn’t they have a publisher? Bloggers are people, too! They sure sure. Or maybe SOYLENT GREEN IS BLOGGER! Have a good Thursday.

PS. Am I the only one from the e/n era that still cringes when they hear the word blog or blogger?