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Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Emily

our 3 year anniversary

Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Emily!

It has been the best 3 years of my life. And it is guaranteed to be a lifetime of many more.

I love you!

sometimes my eyes burn from seeing too much

god she's so hot...and confident and tall and red and unrealistic and all that other crap....donna (14k image)Today is my one year anniversary with DC101. Holy shit. Fucking rocks. And I still love my job. Just need to work on that raise. And since I am the originator of theft on the internet:

10 Years Ago…
Sight: mat putting up home-made jane’s addiction posters in the halls of high school
Smell: oxy-10, right guard, newports
Taste: carrots, genevieve, julie, sarah
Sound: barking
Touch: breasts
Best: marching band, kissing under the bleachers, going to dc when i was supposed to be in class, tower
Worst: my fashion sense in 9th grade (ie. mickey mouse hat)
Memory: wanting to play french horn, being horrified of john vennor and his 500 pairs of jeans
Person: greg, karin, gen, russ, jordon
Song: “Then She Did” by Jane’s Addiction, “Dont Stop Believin'” by Journey, “I Feel For You” by Prince

5 Years Ago…
Sight: purple/black&white tights, nail polish, eyeliner, jean shorts, dental floss
Smell: pot & bong water, bar
Taste: pot, new england
Sound: trees, cold, soul coughing
Touch: big breasts, numb
Best: freedom, recording, learning, drugs
Worst: love
Memory: going to so many beautiful places in new england
Song: “Saturday Night” by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, “ABC” by Jackson 5, “Your Mom Is So Fat” by the Pharcyde, “Down to This” by Soul Coughig, anything by Luscious Jackson or Phish

3 Years Ago…
Sight: the boro with theremin, the begining of MONS
Smell: tennessee trash, Gabe
Taste: white zinfandel, stephanie’s cats
Sound: major barking
Touch: solder
Worst: drugs
Memory: driving with feets, moving three times, stephanie and her sex-ca-pades
Person: feets, gabe, stephanie, willie, joe, kelly
Song: Prince, Zappa, Soul Coughing, The Beatles, anything with Johnny Machine on drums

1 Year Ago…
Sight: Skylab and finishing MONS III, digital camera
Smell: philly, frozen new york piss, my new DC101 office
Taste: Yuan Fu’s
Sound: no more metro, 495, lots of rock music
Touch: gelly mouse pads, jp-8000, solder
Best: created works
Worst: social life
Memory: she didnt have an eating disorder? lots of aimless driving, sitting, mons
Person: awapy, kranias, korinne, kristen, daniel, scott, nj jessica
Song: “Another Lonely Christmas” by Prince

1 Month Ago…
Sight: foxy pants, browns, cream, orange
Smell: baltimore, cats, vanilla, beauty
Taste: tofu, chocolate, peanut butter
Sound: trains, sirens, loud air conditioning, lulu
Touch: down comforter, soft skin, froggy
Best: emails that explained things, someone to watch TV with
Worst: not having this years ago, allergies
Memory: “ok, i cant take it anymore”
Person: korinne, laura, lara, brian, emily, allison
Song: “TNT” by Tortoise, anything my the New Deal or Brian Eno

1 Week Ago…
Sight: John Chapman
Smell: my new froggy’s poo
Taste: orange soda
Sound: dave matthews band
Touch: barbie doll sculptures
Best: year
Worst: floor
Person: dinner with the moms
Song: Anything my Johnny Cash

Sight: The Sims
Smell: emily, mom’s matzoh ball soup permeating thru the house
Taste: honey cake
Sound: man holding up women in 7-11 with knife
Touch: belly
Best: dinner
Worst: saying someone was being tacky
Person: lara (we had a lunch “date”)
Memory: yelling
Song: Michael Penn

Sight: the pootie tang jar
Smell: office
Taste: bottle caps candy
Sound: elliot and shock
Touch: plastic
Best: Fred Dusrt was in town?
Worst: my neck hurts
Memory: I’v been here a year. I still have a job!
Song: “If You C Jordan” by Something Corporate