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Greetings From West Helena, Arkansas

I am West Helena, Arkansas.

It’s pretty sparse out here. No cell service. Population 9,000. Not quite the metropolis one would imagine. But there is DSL here in the Best Western.

TDOT was pretty interesting. I learned a ton at the conference at Montgomery Bell State Park. I even got to hang with Feetnik in Nashville at the Waffle House. Jeff didn’t make it out. Bummer. But it was great to see Feetnik. It had been too long. Hashbowns rule. Nothing is better.

Today we drove through Memphis. We stopped through Graceland and then headed to Mississippi and got dinner at this 1930s dinner/former gas station called the Blue and White Cafe on Highway 61 in Tunica, Mississippi. It was fab. If you click on the link, our waitress was the 3rd from the left. I had pork chops and strawberry/rhubarb pie. And a ton of black coffee. We both got these coffee mugs. They are great. And the accents in Mississippi are incredible.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Memphis again to go to Sun Studios and perhaps check out a few Byways.

The South is totally vast and amazing. It’s another world through these eyes, this time around. I appreciate it on such a different level at this time in my life.

I do miss my Love and my City and my Frankie a ton.

Tomorrow we travel back home. I can’t wait. Hopefully our plane’s landing gear will be ok and we won’t have to return back to Detroit like the trip here.

PS. And Rocky on the AMC Channel is the bomb.