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dont im me. no. really. dont.

if i was this guy, elle would marry this mother fucking rock god..............fuckingrock (24k image)

Last night Emily and I went to see the sneak peak of Black Hawk Down. Overall is was a great movie. Make sure you dont have any plans after the movie. It’s not really an uplifter. With all this faux-patriotism going on these days, the feable minded audience made up of many o’ radio listeners simply put, weren’t the brightest. There was a point in the movie where these Somalian’s were gunned down by the American Army rather viciously. A few of these feable minded viewers clapped and laughed out loud. My blood started to boil. I yelled something at them in my tiny little rage. I honestly cant even remember what. Who the fuck did they think they were? Maybe i’ll go gun their kids down. Then i’ll point my finger at them and laugh. It wasnt even our war. Don’t we learn from our mistakes. Feable minded Americans. Oh, the glory. Oh, the horror. One thing I thought incredibly interesting was that everytime we visually saw one of “our” people get killed there was always a shot from a helicoptor and you would see a field of bright green grass. No other shots even had a hue of green. Just an odd observation.

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After that we went to the Diner and split a beer and had salads and Matzoh Ball soup. We also talked about with one of our respective friends we would do. I wouldnt tell her which one of her friends I would do at first. For some reason I thought it was pretty evident. I eventually told her, but I am not really sure she believes me. Eh. Funny. Or is it.

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