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Britney Spears’ Pootie

Most (not all) anti-choicers are hypocrites and are usually (let me reiterate, usually) less than capable of intelligence when one only spews out lame and antiquated bible verses. Sorry, in this day and age, Jeh-heeeeeeeesus doesn’t cut it in the real world. But I have to tell you that this sculpture is amazing:

Britney Spears new scupture - sg2883.jpg
It’s titled: Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston
Truly breathtaking. Does anyone else want to see the walnut popping out the pootie? And why are we also getting cheated with this PG view. Jesus would not be happy that we are sad about this. Damn the man.

My only serious problem is #1. Anti-choicers. Duh. and (ok, I lied) #2. What’s up with the tiger? Is this Siegfried and Roy?