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january from workFriday night I went to see Autechre with Addy and his Drama. She was really nice for a drama girl. She seemed to know everyone at 930 Club. She seemed perfect for him. Not really my type, as I told him, but I think she could be really good for him if she stays on target. We’ll see. Autechre was really interesting, but it was really hard to watch two dudes sitting at Macs at the back of the stage. The silly raver kids were there. They definately took away from the show. Their light sticks were more annoying than Elvis from the mid 70s. Ick. Made me wanna shove their E-totin’ light sticks up their “rollin'” asshole. Anyways. I got really antsy at that show, one of the first times at such an interesting band. Funny, how I wanted to actually take pictures there, as well. Oh well. 40 shots of two dudes at computers would look really interesting, I tell you.

Saturday was primarily spent recording with THEBOBGREENE and JOE. This was the first time recording someone other than me in SKYLAB. It was great, cos he brought his own drums and zillions of little child toy intruments. Lots of percussion primarily. Anyways. He layed down a handfull of drums that will eventually become MONS III songs. I did simple micing techiniques. Just two overheads (stereo) and a nice bass drum mic. Oh, and a mic at the far corner for a ‘room’ mic. That mic is always key. Add life to dull recordings all the time. So we did little experimenting, however we did over saturate the bass drum on one track that seemed to make it sound like there was a bass tone attached to the bass drum. Just like a trigger. Very cool sounding. And the last “song” we did was a 20 minute jam almost. THEBOBGREENE layed down a beat from the Casio SK1 hooked up to flangers, wah wahs, and a delay pedal, while I manned the Juno 106 and JOE had the JP-8000. It was mayhem! Then after we layed that all down we upped the levels on the room mics and had a free for-all percussion jam, with every bit of percussion you could imagine. Tambourines. Triangles. Hand drums. Sand Blocks. This “spring” drum. And even a 1-octave xylophone. It was like a hippie jam. Haha. I am very happy that I sorta know what I am doing when it comes to home recording. I guess I learned something in my years of recording on 4-tracks. Nothing will ever beat that old Tascam 424. Ever.

Today I spent the majority of the day laying down overdubs to THEBOBGREENE’s drums. Layed down synth lines to almost every song. And sorta sequenced one bass line with an arpeggiator. Since THEBOBGREENE’s time on drums is very pristeen, I could match the tempos and let it rip. I even got to break out the Theremin for that one too. Very cool sounds are coming my way. Then after recording I got a call from Jessie Belle. She was in town for the long weekend. It’s always great to hear from her. You can always count on her to keep in touch. So we went out to dinner at the CORNER BAKERY in Bethesda and then saw MEMENTO. This movie was litterally done backwards. It was really interesting to see it done that way. I little confusing and lots questions, but still an interesting concept. Anyways. Afterwards we went to a bar. The Four P’s. That was the place my sister used to go during and after college. Bizzare. I can’t remember the last time I just went to a bar to get a drink with out seeing a band. It’s always so fun with Jessie Belle. She’s one of those girls that if everything is going wrong she’ll make it better. Not sure how, but she has that power if she knows it or not. It’s a wonderful “safe” feeling, that no one else i’ve met gives to me. Plus my parents love her like their own. My mother said today “Jessie Belle would give me grandkids” – As if i’ll never find anyone to settle down with. She does have this slight wish that Jessie Belle and I would settle down together. It’s very cute. It must be the hair. And maybe she knows something I dont. Who knows? Anyways. I am tired and am going to sleep. Oh, and the dude at the bar played Jenny 867-5309. That was cool.