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This Baby Swing Ain’t No Simple Machine

Lily in the Baby Swing

I have to admit it. Typically I believe in simple machines. Especially when it comes to baby peripherals.

Emily and I made a conscious effort to not turn our house in to a mess of plastic baby crap. And we’ve done pretty well so far.

Until yesterday. Sort of.

It’s not bad. But it’s not something I ever thought we’d own. Mom got a plastic Fisher Price baby swing from a co-worker. Complete with a swing that swings by itself. Battery powered. Yes, my friends. No crank! It also displays an electric light show. No Pink Floyd. Only simple two-tone polyphonic ditties. Totally a Casiotone Nation going on. I sorta dig it. Totally my jam.

So yes, it’s tacky & plastic. No, it’s not simple. But it’s quiet, folds up, is not big and bulky and holy god, Lily likes to sleep like a log in it!