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Baby Feet

#1 – I can now feel, with out a doubt, the baby’s feet and toochis with my hands pressing on Emily’s belly. It’s incredible and it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt. Amazing!

#2 – Frankie likes to lick Emily’s hands and now bite her nails. It’s like a free manicure. A dogicure, if you will.

#3 – Raw almonds are the shit. Recognize.

#4 – How can one tell the difference between Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck?

Currently in the listening device:

  • Explosions in the Sky – The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
  • Bon Jovi – England 1989
  • Califone – Ben’s Mix
  • The Clash – Kingston 1982
  • Afrika Bambaata – Planet Rock
  • The Bell Orchestre – Recording A Tape The Colour of Light
  • Betatron – French Nuclear Commission
  • The Cure – The Head On The Door
  • Dolly Parton – Hello I’m Dolly
  • June of 44 – In the Fishtank
  • Queen – Greatest Hits
  • Trans Am – Sex Change
  • Michelle Branch – Hotel Paper
  • M83 – Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

Quote of the day:
“Only thing better would be Amber Orlando

The Zygote at 20 Weeks and 3 Days

Zygote - 20 Weeks

We had our 2nd sonogram today at Harbor Hospital. The technician gave us a delivery date of May 27th! Which is only a day off from the sonogram at 8 weeks (May 26). And it’s my Mother’s birthday! Happy Tuesday.

Fetusville – Enter Zygie

So it happened. BABYTOWN! My seed worked!

We’re having a baby!

Emily is just beginning her 2nd trimester. The birthing center told us our baby would be due May 26, 2007.

We heard the heartbeat again today via Dopptone and I recorded it. The fast wooshes are the heartbeats. Fetal heartbeats are usually fast and our Zygie was about 167-8 BPMs. It totally reminds me of a little kangaroo inside Emily’s tummy throwing boomerangs. Listen below:

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By the way, we’re not going to see the gender until it pops out.Below is the sonogram from 4 weeks ago when we were 8 weeks:
The Zygote!
Yay! Nothing better than procreating the liberals!