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lust in phaze fucka’ move to virginizzleay

that's my frog, skuzi (10k image)So it happened. My once favorite band came out with the infamous “Greatest Hits” package. I guess I should rephrase that. They were my favorite band from 1995 until 1999. Woo! I am excited that Rhino Records is putting it out none the less. That part is cool. I did wish they put something more interesting than just normal album cuts on there. Sure there is one live cut and a remix. But give us something the fans haven’t heard! Most fans either loved it, or didn’t take to it. It was very cut and dry. So most fans would already have that shit.

I actually heard about this from a friend in the biz. She heard a rumor from her friend at Rhino months ago. Why i don’t have a job there yet, I cannot answer that. That shit, I would love. My god. But i am just wondering how Rhino got to licensing it. I presume it’s cos their former label had a contract for 4 records. The band only delivered 3 until they broke up “amicably”. Perhaps that last album was left in limbo for a compilation for the future and Rhino stepped in and bought out that last option. That is the only thought to how that happened. Blah blah blah.

it’s the last nail in the coffin that i cant wait to lay to rest

Tonight I went to the famous Bagel City on the Pike with the Moms. It had been forever since we had our Tuesday night dinner extravaganza. It was nice and I paid. We talked a lot about my future travels with Emily and getting my passport and me wearing scarfs and getting a hair cut soon and my sister’s wedding and how my Father taught himself PowerPoint and how to import scans he did basically by himself and really quickly and whatnot and about Victor the photographer and my Mother wanted to know where Becca was and how my Cousin is in Belize and some other random oddities. I even rented a movie and gave her the free one at Blockbuster. I rented Ghost World. It looks incredibly funny, but it’s labeled a “Drama” – Fucking wankers at Blockbuster.

I am also still reworking and finishing up some more details on my foto gallery and will have that up sooner than later for real. Moving over 1000+ images is a bitch. Especially with have of them including captions. Fuck!

i wish i could have sympathy for your sorry ass, but it’s only your fault

diary of a martyr

this is not my beautiful wifeSoundtrack of the day: The Dirges, Patti Smith, Deconstruction, Jane’s Addiction, to rococo rot, Joy Division, Bob Dylan, James, REM, Frontier, & Lou Reed.

Today Mom and I went to Bagel City. I got the regular of my “Bagelwhich Deluxe” which is a bagel (chocolate chip, in my case,) egg, salami, and cheese. Also comes with a potato pancake. For all you goys out there: These potato pancakes are to die for. Check out this place if ever in the DC area, and in the mood for a potato pancake.

Other than work, and building my studio not too much is going on. I started watching Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets. It’s really good, as all Scorsese films are. Harvey Keitel looked so young in 1973. Weird, I tell you.

Slou found this great link today. It’s called the “We all have an inner ‘Golden Girl.'” Very funny, or maybe I am delerious.
Check it out here. You can only guess what I was. Have a great rest of your Monday dearies.