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Ok. I have to get this out.

Back in the day before the interweb was huge, there was what we called the BBS. It was a bulletin board system. You’d go on there and exchange information. It was how many of us communicated prior to the interweb. It was slow. You could send “emails” through different BBSs and it could take 3-4 days to get across the country. It was all we knew and it was awesome. Oh and it was text only.

I met this one person on a BBS in about 1992. We were fans of mutual musical artists and had an ongoing relationship about the said music. Music dorks. Or something like that.

Then time went by, most likely the BBS died or the internet explosion happened. Probably both. Oh and I left for college and didn’t have much time for it anymore.

Fast forward to post college. My first real job was at the Discovery Channel. I was hired to develop web but actually ended up learning a lot about Bethesda. A co-worker there was one day listening to an artist whose name I knew somewhere. It was this person I used to know. They were dating. Weird, huh?! Yeah, it sure was. Small world. Move on.

Fast forward another 10 or 12 years. Social networking happens. Facebook recommends a few “people I might know”. A person shows up that sounds familiar. I email and ask how we might know each other as I can’t place the name. Turns out it’s Kate. She is the tenant of a friend of mine in who recently had to move to NJ for his wife’s job but still rents out their condo in DC. WTF?! Turns out she also knows the person who was Emily’s boyfriend right before we dated. And another friend I knew in the high school band scene who also ended up going to the same college my first year in school.

Small friggin world.

I had goosebumps last night. Goosebumps.