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The Year of The Grudge

I decided a few weeks ago that I am no longer holding grudges. I am not sure if that means I will be as forgiving or that I will be forgiving certain actions that occurred. I still believe people need to be accountable for their actions. But I feel like holding something against people for things that happened in the past is just counter-productive and childish.

So an update on what’s been going on.

It’s been a whirlwind of visitors coming to see Lily. It’s been so nice and warm and loving here. For the initial 1 week with Lily, it has been pretty smooth riding. Of course there was the crying fits and general fussiness. I like to call it “Stink Face” – But that seems to confuse a lot of people. We think it was attributed to the actual birth and Lily sleeping and recovering from it. Anyways, the past few days we think Lily has been such a pooh-head because she hasn’t been pooping consistently. I don’t think she pooped once yesterday. But she finally pooped this morning and it was mad explosive. I was talking with my mother yesterday and she said when I was an infant I only pooped once a week. And it was major explosive when I did finally poop. All over the crib. Yum. What’s funny about that is my mother doesn’t even remember it. Her friend had to remind her. Man, pooh issues already. Love it!

Friday morning, Jessie H came over. I hadn’t seen her since our wedding almost 2 years ago. Has it been that long? It was super nice catching up with her, in person. She so smart and amazing and was super good with Lily. Friday night Catherine and David came over for some Chinese food. It’s super swell they are so close now! I [heart] neighbors! Saturday was Becca and Jon’s wedding, which is why Jessie H was in town. Jessie was in the wedding. Initially Em and Lily were going to come, but this was assuming Lily was more on-time. Regardless, the wedding was amazing. It was great seeing them. It was cool to see how much Becca and Jon did on their own, like how we did it. Becca truly is a new person and it’s for the best for her and everyone. She’s more happy that I have ever seen her and it makes me happy to see her this way. The bottom line was that she is happy (and happy with Jon) and I had to support her in that. No doubt. It’s crazy to think I’ve known her almost 15 years. Seeing her this weekend reminded me of when I first met her. It was something I hadn’t seen since then. And hearing Ed read the letter Tom (Becca’s father) wrote just before he passed was truly moving. It was also super mad cool hanging with Steve and Ruth. And randomly my quasi-ex-girlfriend’s mother was there and gave me a super bear hug. I didn’t hardly recognize her until she was introduced to me. She said something about gaining a bunch of weight and I tried to say something clever but I don’t think it came out that way. It was nice seeing her as well as seeing her daughter Annie (who was in the wedding – not the daughter I quasi-sorta-dated). Annie is on her way to Ghana now. I am jealous. Oh and I got to exchange birth stories with Mary. That was super neat. Mary is such an amazing mother.

Later in the afternoon was our block party. But by the time I got back from the wedding I was already exhausted and it was unlikely we were going to go. Feetnik and Gordon were planning to visit Lily and check out the Block Party, but I wasn’t sure we’d be able see anymore people with the lack of sleep from the night before. Hopefully Lily will get to meet them next weekend. But we relaxed for a while and took a little unexpected nap for a few hours and then Al walked over to visit. So we chatted with him for a bit and eventually we all made our way outside to our stoop to meet some neighbors and check out the bands playing. Man, did people, mainly women, swarm us with the baby. It was uncanny. It was also super cool to finally meet all our nifty and neat neighbors and talk shit about the lame ones while sipping crappy light beer out of a plastic red cup. Bawlmer, yo.

Sunday morning Nan and Bob came over with some gifts from one of Bob’s coworkers and they brought over some gigantor sunflowers from the Farmer’s Market under I-83. Lisa came over in the afternoon with lunch from Whole Foods. Yummy. It was super swell catching up with Lisa. She’s in a super rad place I don’t think she’s ever been in before. Like Becca, it is something one has to support. It’s for the benefit of the whole world. Right before Lisa came over we got a call from Bonny and Paco asking if they could come up to see Lily. So Bonny and Paco came over as Lisa was leaving. It was baby town in full effect! It was great exchanging birth stories and talking about cloth diapering systems with them. It’s nice hanging with a couple totally on the same page as us as far as birthing options and raising our kids. And last but not least, Emily’s mom and boyfriend came over shortly after Bonny and Paco left with dinner. Around 8pm I pretty much lost the desire to be social and started doing dishes and calmed Lily as she was getting stink face.

All in all, it was a splendid weekend. I am not sure how we are surviving on such little sleep, but it’s working for now.

Today we’re going to my parent’s house for the night. We need to get away. For rizzle.

so i looked around and i noticed there wasn’t a chair

we bought a house.  and in dc. floorplanb (5k image)Last weekend we were planning on going to the AFI theater in Silver Spring to see “All The President’s Men”. Sure we’ve seen it a billion times, but they were going to have a panel of reporters from the 70s there for some question and answer. We really wanted to check it out. Saturday during the day we hit up Emily’s Father and Nan for some lunch. It was pretty cool. We found out that he likes Curb Your Enthusiasm a little too much. Goddam that show is so annoying. They should all be shot. Anyways, after that we decided to hit up Baltimore and went to Miss Irene’s to pick up a beer and just relax. There we met up with some of Emily’s old friends and lovers. They were all very nice and pretty well versed.

After that, since our social factor was so high, we gave Becca a call to see what she was up to. We hadn’t seen her new place at all. So we went over there and had some pizza and beer. Their roomate was pretty cool and had a ton of neat vinyl. A little too much Donavan, but none the less a great collection including some primo Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett records. Needless to say, we missed the movie. But Sunday was a productive day. Emily worked in the garden and David and Gordon came over for some BetaTron rehearsals. It’s finally coming along in a direction that is palatable and finally the communication is happening. It would have been nice to be outside with Emily and help with the garden, but the rock had to be done.

Last night I headed out to Acorn which is an egaltarian community in the middle of nowhere Virginia. Actually it’s in Mineral, Virginia. I got there in about 2 and a half hours. I was hired to run sound for Eric’s band Mass Transit. But kinda ended up running sound for one other band, too. I didn’t mind so much, as it’s what I do and I do love it. So they had all this great food and energy and were so goddam nice. To top it off Emily had been soliciting this place to me over a year ago. It actually seemed like a cool idea. Completely drop everything we’re doing and move out to the country and live off what we make. Sounded like a great idea at the time, but I think we’re on a better path right now. Anyways. The show was really good and I really wanted to camp out there like everyone else to keep with the great vibe, but I had to get back home to clean up my studio for the band that is coming in tonight from Cleveland. Oh and did I forget to say that Virginia is all sorts of fucked up. Their signs are all ass-backwards and not correct. Goddam them and it taking me close to 4 hours in getting home last night.

Oh yeah, and we signed the contracts for buying that house in DC this week.

:: best place to live
54.5% :: washington dc
27.2% :: canada
18.1% :: philadelphia
0.00% :: in the basement

but i am not a pilot

mat_emily_tampa (30k image)

I do not really have much time as of late to post up here. It is not because I do not love you. It is because I refuse to use contractions now.

This long weekend was spent in Tampa, Florida. Emily’s father owns a business and his second office is in Tampa. It is in a single family ranch house in the city. Quasi-city that is. It is like the burbs, but it is in the city. Tampa is weird like that. But it was awesome and quaint and much cheaper than getting a boring hotel room.

Gordon and Becca also came with us. It was awesome vacationing with them! We got to hang with our mutual friend Jessie, who is in grad school out there. We do not get to see her too often so that was nice.

We took lots of pictures, slept late, went to the beach, shopped a bit, relaxed, talked geek, cut hair (mine and gordon’s), ate fried gator, talked about pooh, pooh’d, played games, walked, drank a bit, drove in a sports car convertable, watched nick at night & had a blast.

Click here for photos. Click later for more.