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if only i worked at a baltimore radio station

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I wonder what Jerry Garcia is thinking about his LIVE WITHOUT A NET record right now. I mean, if someone were to put it on right now, without ever having heard them, would they think they were a good band? I wouldn’t. Or maybe i would. There is that point where bad music becomes good music. In the great idea that being trained isn’t necessarily correct. Perhaps in that Bikini Kill kinda shitty way. Or something. But then again I dint know much about the Grateful Dead. He was one furry man. If only Kathleen Hannah and Mickey Hart had a child.

From: mikedrake77@wowlink.com
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 21:55:59 -0500

Kill the people that overpopulate the world to death, creating wars starvation poverty crime etc. worldwide. They have billions of people living in total despair and millions of people dying from their overpopulating the world to death. They take it to the point that they are a threat to the entire planet. Then you get the pristy boys running around saying more more more just keep having more children. Then the pristy boys say look look look everybody look at all that starvation over there , if that was you starving to death you would want someone to give you something would’t you, GIVE ME MONEY. Then they get the money give the poor 10% and keep 90% and go build churches in all the rich neighborhoods.

Kill the Murderers !